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Best Opera GX games 2024

We’ve picked out a selection of the best Opera GX games, including classics like Friday Night Funkin’, so you know where to start in this gaming browser.

Best Opera GX games: image shows the loading screen image from Friday Night Funkin'.

The best Opera GX games in 2023 take full advantage of the browser built for gamers, providing a diverse range of experiences across different genres. What makes it even better is that most of them are free too.

We’ve picked out this selection of the best Opera GX games so that you know where to start. Its library doesn’t include a lot of big names, so many new Opera GX users are likely to arrive wondering where to even begin. These browser games are good places to start, and we’d recommend that you explore the plethora of other choices at your leisure, including clicker games, rhythm games, and more.

Here are the best Opera GX games:

Friday Night Funkin’

This is probably the biggest GX game of the lot. Since its release in 2020, Friday Night Funkin’ has become quite a sensation. It’s based on a simple premise: the game’s protagonist, Boyfriend, does rap battles and singing contests against a number of bizarre opponents in order to win over his love interest, Girlfriend.

The art style is charming, the music fantastic, and the gameplay is easy to grasp but tough to master. It’s easy to see why so many have taken a shine to it (and the modding scene is huge). While it’s not native to Opera GX, there is still a completely official version of it available in the GX games library.

Play Friday Night Funkin’ on Opera GX for free.

Flappy Bird

Back in 2014, Flappy Bird was one of the biggest names in gaming. Almost everyone had it on their phone, and then when the developer removed it from app stores, people were spending huge amounts of money to get phones which already had it on. Fortunately, those who never got a chance to play back in the day can do so via a fan recreation in GX games.

For those who don’t know, the gameplay sees you taking control of a little bird named Faby who’s flying along and trying to avoid a number of large pipes. In the GX version, you tap the spacebar to make him move upward, and after a short burst, he’ll start moving downward again. You need to make sure he can fit between the pipes he passes by, and it’s a lot harder than it seems, but every time you lose, you’ll want to have just one more try.

Play Flappy Bird on Opera GX for free.

Leaf Blower Revolution

While clearing up leaves may not sound like the most exciting basis for a game, it turns out that it actually works really well. You start as a person who’s just walking around a field (or maybe a garden) clearing away the few leaves that appear, and as time goes by, you unlock better equipment to clear them away, moving up to rakes, and of course, even leaf blowers.

Since you’re paid by the leaf, you’ll eventually want to increase the number of leaves so that you can make more money. To keep that cash rolling in, you can also plant more trees, so you can get more money, and better equipment, and keep the endless cycle of leaf-blowing bliss going for as long as possible.

Play Leaf Blower Revolution on Opera GX for free.

Super Ordinary Joe

One of the appeals of the original Super Mario Bros. game was seeing an ordinary middle-aged plumber dropped in a bizarre fantasy world of mushrooms and turtles… But what if Mario had been even more ordinary? Not able to run endlessly and jump ten feet into the air? Super Ordinary Joe is a look at what a Mario game would be like if Mario wasn’t so super.

You start a level with Joe, he runs a certain distance, but then he gets tired out and has to stop. Each time, you use the coins you collected to buy food (to gain stamina) and items that you can use to help improve your fitness levels. Just as it’s satisfying to see your own fitness levels improve, it even gets quite strategic as you start trying to plan the most energy-efficient route for Joe to take.

Play Super Ordinary Joe on Opera GX for free.

Idle Breakout

Breakout is something we’re sure most readers will know about, but for those who don’t, it’s a game where you use a paddle to bounce a ball toward certain tiles in order to destroy them. This is an idle spin on this classic formula, and even though it’s a game that you can never lose, it still feels great to clear all of the tiles away.

When you start the game, you have a selection of tiles that will disappear with one click each (gaining you money each time). Once they’re all cleared, you’ll be presented with a new screen with more tiles (and ones that need more than one click to destroy), but to make the job easier, you can buy different types of ball which will bounce around and damage the tiles while also upgrading the power of your clicks. It sounds so simple (and it is) but it’s a hard game to stop (and an easy one to leave on in the background once you have balls doing the job for you).

Play Idle Breakout on Opera GX for free.

Advise the King

This game gives you chess problems to solve. Each level sees you with only a king and it’s up to you to navigate around the board and take all of the enemy’s remaining pieces. There’s a twist though, as the game uses a card-based system for your movements. Each turn, you’ll have a selection of cards, giving you a number of movement options. If you have the cards, you can even move twice in one turn, or equally, you can decide not to move at all.

By not forcing itself to stick rigidly to the traditional rules of chess, Advise the King opens itself up to be more accessible to those who aren’t necessarily all that good at the classic board game. The bite-sized strategy game challenges that it offers are fun to solve, either in a spare five minutes you have to fill, or a specifically dedicated hour of gaming you’ve put aside.

Play Advise the King on Opera GX for free.

Spacebar Clicker

If you thought leaf-blowing was a loose premise for a game, wait until you hear what Spacebar Click is about. Well, chances are you don’t need to guess because it’s all there in the title. This is a game about pressing the spacebar. Nothing more, nothing less. Odd though it may sound, this can be pretty enjoyable.

So how does it work? You click and you get points. These points can then be used to buy you extra little cursors that float around and click on the in-game spacebar for you to get more points, which you can then use to buy more and more upgrades. It’s simple, but a wonderfully de-stressing experience.

Play Spacebar Clicker for free with Opera GX.

Grapple Tongue

Grapple Tongue is a bit like some of the classic platform games but with a unique twist. You play as a penguin who has to navigate upward through a number of levels using its titular grapple tongue. How this works is that you use your cursor to click on certain walls and surfaces, then the penguin opens its mouth and out comes its powerful tongue. Then it hangs from its tongue at the point it fired out, and it’s for you to figure out what to do next to get even higher.

You’ll have to think carefully about how to approach different challenges. Eventually, you’ll face pits of spikes, as well as enemies and surfaces that can’t be grappled. There’s a lot of charm and originality in this game, and we reckon that there are a lot of gamers for whom this will really hit the spot.

Play Grapple Tongue for free with Opera GX.

How to play Opera GX games

If you want to take these games for a spin, it is very easy to do so. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Step 1: Download Opera GX
  • Step 2: Visit GX.Games and choose from the huge library of games

Those are our picks for the best GX games, but we’ve really only scratched the surface of everything that it has to offer. For more gaming recommendations, take a look at our guide on the best free PC games and our guide on the best online games that require no download.