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Everything we know ahead of Bethesda’s E3 2017 conference


Bethesda have an actual theme park set up at E3 this year so it’s probably safe to assume they’re going big. We know for a fact there’s going to be at least one new game, but what else could the show have in store? 

If you’re finding it hard to keep up, we’ve got a schedule for all of the E3 conferences for you.

Thanks to leaks via a Reddit advert, it’s very likely there’s going to be an announcement for The Evil Within 2. Nobody was expecting a follow-up to Mikami’s survival-horror game, so it would have been a nice surprise, but oh well. It’s still cool.

If you look at the map below for Bethesda’s fairground, you can also see The Evil Within has its very own section in the top left. It wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t going to show up in some capacity.

What else can we see on there? Well, there’s Fallout 4 right at the entrance. We’ll see Fallout 4 in VR at the show. They’ve been working on it for a long while now and they said it’d be playable at E3. I think Bethesda might even use that for their “it’s out now” surprise this year.

The poster also shows Quake Champions, which we thought would make a showing anyway. You can also make out The Elder Scrolls, which will probably be forTES Online and Skyrim’s Switch port.

Over on the bottom left you can see Prey and Dishonored 2. I’d guess Dishonored 2 will be getting some DLC, while Prey will be announcing its post-release support – new ways to play, NG+, that sort of thing. I also wouldn’t rule out some story DLC for Doom, considering how popular its single-player is.

Watch the stream at the top of this page. It’s live at 5am BST, 9pm PDT.