Blasphemous 2 is on sale before it releases, but it won’t last long

The Game Kitchen's iconic Metroidvania Blasphemous and its upcoming sequel Blasphemous 2 are now on sale on Steam for a limited time.

Blasphemous sale: A large man wearing entirely gold armor wields a large axe

Blasphemous 2 is one of the most unique-looking indie games coming this year, and its launch is almost upon us. The Game Kitchen has cooked up an extra special sequel, taking the great Metroidvania and platformer qualities that made the original so good and bettering them. If you’re excited about Blasphemous 2 or have yet to play the first game, then this is the perfect opportunity to pre-order the sequel or finally buy the original as they’re both on sale right now on Steam. You’ll need to be quick though, as it won’t last forever.

You can get the original Blasphemous right now for just $6.24 / £4.99 at 75% off. If you want even more bang for your buck, you can get a bundle of the Blasphemous Digital Deluxe Edition which includes the base game and its DLC for $11.43 / £9.14. If you haven’t yet played Blasphemous, it’s a brutal action-adventure platformer set in a nightmarish world. As you explore, you’ll upgrade your abilities to better fight through hordes of enemies.

If you’ve played the original game already and are looking to get the sequel before it’s out, Blasphemous 2 is available to pre-order on sale for $26.99 / £22.49 at 10% off. You can also opt to grab the Deluxe Edition for £31.49, also marked down by 10%. If you don’t know much about the second game yet, it features a combat style reminiscent of the first entry. The story follows the original’s free Wounds of Eventide DLC, so the two games are tied together.

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With the Blasphemous 2 release date approaching quickly, there’s no better time to prepare than now. It’s rare to see a pre-release sale like this, so I’m definitely snapping it up myself while the discount lasts. The Blasphemous sale on Steam is up until Thursday, August 24. If you’re interested in picking up either of the games or their deluxe counterparts, you can do so now on Steam.

I’m excited to see how the sequel will improve upon the intense boss battles of the original, and how it mixes up the non-linear world. Gothic, grotesque, gruesome, grimdark games rarely ever disappoint, and after seeing how well The Game Kitchen and Team17 did with Blasphemous, I’d recommend fans pre-order Blasphemous 2.

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