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New Warhammer football game Blood Bowl 3 release date set for February

The raucous, chaotic Warhammer-themed turn-based football game Blood Bowl 3 release date has finally been revealed, and it will launch in February 2023

New Blood Bowl 3 release date: An orc wearing leather wrist guards and a bandolier of skulls and bones grimaces at the camera

Okay, it’s for real this time: the Warhammer football game Blood Bowl 3 release date is now official, and it’s definitely, definitely coming out February 23, 2023. Cyanide Studio’s latest instalment in the turn-based strategy game of fantasy sports has had release dates come and go for the past couple of years, but now the developer seems confident that launch is nigh.

Based on the Games Workshop board game of the same name, Blood Bowl is a comedic and chaotic spin on the Warhammer universe, pitting teams drawn from Warhammer’s diverse factions against each other in a violent game that’s passingly similar to American football.

Since this is Warhammer, however, your options during play include a lot of violence. Your troll centre might decide to eat one of your goblin receivers, for instance. A block might be fatal. At any moment, the dice might decide to hate you and cause an instant turnover.

Here’s the new release date trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

At launch, Blood Bowl 3 will feature 12 factions, including four that are making their debut in Blood Bowl’s digital version. There’s a story campaign this time, too, which has you battling other teams for a coveted sponsorship from Nurgle King.

Blood Bowl 3 also adds dedicated passing statistics, lavish new playing fields that have their own custom ‘house’ rulesets, new cheerleading squads, and some all new star players. Making their return are Jim and Bob, the comedy odd couple of Warhammer colour commentary.

Blood Bowl 3 will be available on Steam when it launches in February.