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Free Bloodborne Kart demake gets release date, looks rad as hell

The Bloodborne Kart release date is here, as the fan made PSX sequel gets a new trailer and a load of great content for you to try out soon.

Bloodborne Kart release date: a man in a long black coat riding some sort of steampunk motorcycle while shooting a gun, with low-poly art

The Bloodborne Kart release date is here, as the phenomenal-looking indie fan project that spawned from a meme gets a brilliant new trailer. The follow-up to Bloodborne PSX, this kart racer brings back the vibes of classic PlayStation games like Crash Team Racing, and has so much to offer your head will start spinning as you try to keep track of it all.

That’s right, the incredibly promising Bloodborne PSX follow-up – which is currently the only way to play the FromSoftware game on PC – that sees your trade action for kart racing, finally has a release date. Bloodborne Kart is a racing game from indie developer Lilith Walther and their team, and it’s going to be positively jam-packed with things to do – Crash Team Racing-style.

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Bloodborne Kart features

Walther has also outlined what to expect from Bloodborne Kart when it drops next year, and there’s a whole lot of classic PlayStation goodness squeezed into this game.

  • 12 racers
  • 16 maps
  • Full single-player campaign
  • Boss fights
  • Local split-screen
  • VS battle mode

The Bloodborne Kart release date is set for Wednesday, January 31, 2024 next year, and it couldn’t come soon enough. The vibes of Walther’s new trailer are immaculate, with crunchy PSX visuals and an absolutely banging soundtrack. Who knew Father Gascoigne could drift like a total pro?

Bloodborne Kart release date@ gameplay of a fark fantasy PS1 style kart racer

With loads on offer between split-screen, battle modes, and an entire single-player campaign, I can’t help but feel like Bloodborne Kart is a marriage of FromSoftware’s Lovecraftian nightmare and Crash Team Racing. An all-time classic of the kart racing genre, CTR still holds up today in no small part thanks to its plethora of content and great single-player mode. All that’s left for Bloodborne Kart is for it to control like a dream, and we’ll have one of the best games of 2024.

While PlayStation PC ports are on the rise I wouldn’t start hoping for Bloodborne any time soon, so Bloodborne PSX and this upcoming Kart game are seemingly the best we’re going to get.

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