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Unrecord has a rival as realistic new bodycam FPS leaps up Steam chart

A new bodycam-style multiplayer FPS is climbing the Steam wishlist chart after a first demo, with realistic graphics similar to Unrecord.

Bodycam Steam FPS game: Two soldiers in realistic Steam FPS game Bodycam

You might remember Unrecord, the incredibly realistic-looking bodycam shooter that first broke cover in 2023. Now, it has a new, multiplayer rival. Built using Unreal Engine 5, this is a tense, terrifying deathmatch using the same ultra-real candid-camera aesthetic. Loud, dizzying, and extremely convincing, it’s just launched its first playtest, and is now climbing up the Steam wishlist chart. With a smart control scheme and authentically unnerving aesthetic, this is one FPS you need to see to believe.

Aptly named Bodycam, this new FPS game is the work of two developers under the label Reissad Studios. As it stands, the idea is incredibly simple. Across dilapidated apartment blocks, city ruins, and special forces training centers, two teams battle one another using pistols, shotguns, and automatic weapons. It’s the conventional multiplayer deathmatch in its most basic form. But even in its alpha phase and first-ever playable demo, Bodycam captures your imagination – and shreds your nerves – with its visual style. While we wait on the Unrecord release date, Bodycam seems a worthy competitor.

Viewing the action through the eponymous bodycam, your screen shakes, your peripheral vision is blurred, and weapon sounds frequently blow out your in-universe microphone, creating horrifying distortions. You move your gun back and forth around the screen using the mouse. When you reach the edge of the frame, it turns your character’s head. Especially to begin with, it’s dizzying, disorientating, and difficult. But that’s the point. Everything about Bodycam is designed to make you sweat.

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Created using Unreal Engine 5, Bodycam has just concluded its first playable test, and now sits at number 49 on the Steam wishlist chart, above the likes of rival shooter Killing Floor 3, upcoming RPG Avowed, and StarCraft-style RTS Stormgate. Reissad says it is collecting feedback from the game’s first playtest, which means a new playable demo won’t be available in the near future. Nevertheless, this is definitely one to watch.

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