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Unrecord release date estimate, story, trailers, and latest news

Drama Studios is crafting an experience like no other, here is our estimate of the Unrecord release date, trailers, and the story so far.

When is the Unrecord release date? Images of the bodycam game had viewers puzzled back when Unrecord was announced; the game looked too good to be true, and people were questioning whether the developer was creating some sort of FMV-style game like Her Story, but with guns.

Turns out, Unrecord is an FPS game, although you’d be forgiven for still being confused, even after watching the trailer. Unrecord tells the story of a police officer, solving crimes and having chats, both of which appear to devolve into discharging your firearm more often than not. Time will tell on that front, though.

Unrecord release date: bodycam footage of a police officer pointing a gun as a person with their arms raised above their head.

Unrecord release date estimate

We don’t expect to see Unrecord released until 2025 at the earliest. There is currently no official release date set for Unrecord, and the developer has recently Tweeted out that “our goal isn’t to rush the game for quick profit. Thank you for your patience.”

In that same Tweet, the Unrecord developer stated that the reason updates have been sparse is because the work on the game has been tireless, and that the experience of playing Unrecord should remain unspoiled.

A similar bodycam-style FPS game, aptly named Bodycam, was announced recently, which ties into another part of the Unrecord statement where the developer said “we’re aware of other games that may try to be similar to us, but we’re focused on our unique vision and not in a race with others.”

Unrecord release date: bodycam footage of a police officer reloading their pistol.

Unrecord story

Unrecord tells the story of a tactical police officer as he solves a complex case, all told through the lens of his body camera. According to the Unrecord website, the story can be compared to a “detective novel or a thriller.” You’ll be tasked with investigating criminal cases and “confronting a diverse cast of characters.” Players can expect a “range of gameplay experiences as well as numerous plot twists.”

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Unrecord trailer

The first trailer shows a police officer entering a dilapidated building in the search for criminals. Due to the hyper-realistic graphics, the trailer has caused quite a stir amongst viewers, with some claiming that the footage is “fake” (as in, real video, and not a videogame) with others noting that the footage made them uncomfortable due to how realistic it looked.

In response to the ‘fake’ claims, Drama co-founder Alexandre Spindler posted a video showing some “behind the scenes” footage of the Unrecord trailer, that appears to show that the trailer was created in-game.

If you’re excited to play Unrecord, you can head to the Unrecord Steam page and wishlist the game. While you wait for the tactical shooter to be released, check out our best PC games list for something to play right now, and the best upcoming PC games list for the most exciting releases that are coming soon.