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A terminally-ill fan will get to play Borderlands 3 early

Terminally-ill Borderlands fan Trevor Eastman says 2K will let him play the upcoming game next month, ahead of its official releas

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A Borderlands fan suffering with terminal cancer will get to play Borderlands 3 ahead of the game’s official release. Following up on a post on Reddit last month, Trevor Eastman confirmed that Gearbox had reached out to ensure he’d be able to play the latest instalment in the series ahead of everybody else.

Back in April, Eastman posted on the Borderlands subreddit, saying that “last June I was diagnosed with stage 4 esophagael, stomach, and liver cancer.” Doctors had told Eastman that he had a year to live, which meant he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to play Borderlands 3 before its release date in September. In response, the community encouraged Eastman to get in touch with Gearbox and its developers.

Happily, it seems that those efforts haven’t been in vain. Over the weekend, Eastman returned to the subreddit to confirm that a representative from publisher 2K had reached out, and that “they’re flying somebody out at the beginning of June” to allow him to play the game.

Last week, Creative Assembly made a similar gesture, letting a fan play the upcoming Total War: Three Kingdoms a few days ahead of its release later this week.

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Reddit’s Borderlands community has sworn Eastman to secrecy over his access to the upcoming game, and he’s promised he’ll utter no spoilers. While Eastman should get to play next month, the rest of us will be waiting a few more months – the Borderlands 3 release date is September 13, but we’re likely to find out more about the game during E3 next month.