Double Fine is almost ready to release Broken Age Act 2 into the wild

Broken Age Act 2 release date

Broken Age’s first act came out over a year ago, but the second part is finally almost upon us. It’s a ridiculous length of time to wait for the second part of a game that was originally going to be just one part, but the quality of the first act makes it seem like it might be worth the wait. 

If you’ve already got the first act, you’ll get the second free at the end of next month. 

April 29th in Europe, 28th in North America, that’s how long you’ve got left to wait. After that date, the two acts will be combined into one complete game, and you’ll only be able to purchase them together.

A retail version of the game is also in the works, and is expected to release alongside the second act. It’s being distributed by publisher Nordic, and you’ll actually be able to hold it in your hands. A real, tangible PC adventure game that you have to put in a drive or can throw around like a frisbee. What a world!

Here’s what Matt said about Broken Age Act 1 in his review: “Broken Age is a unique game. It’s made directly for and on the demand of a very specific audience, rather than for any publisher. In some ways it’s surprising that – despite being traditional – it doesn’t feel like a Lucasarts game. That’s likely what backers wanted, and whilst those elements are there, this is a Double Fine game to the final letter. It’s gentle, loving, and fun; not a Grim Fandango rehash, but the gaming equivalent of a petting a kitten.”