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Heavy metal action-RTS Brutal Legend is free on the Humble Store

brutal legend free humble

Double Fine released Brutal Legend in 2009. A love letter to heavy metal, it was a strange mix of action game and RTS that nobody really knew what to make of at the time – but in the years since, it has attained cult classic status. And it’s free right now on Humble Store.

The promotion lasts for the next 42 hours as of this writing, providing a Steam key for you to keep forever and always. Or at least until the metal gods call down Ragnarok.

Humble Store already gave away one free game this week in Suda 51’s bizarre Killer is Dead, and I’m certainly glad they’re staying weird for follow-ups. It’s all in promotion of their fall sale, which continues to offer excellent deals on PC games over the next week.

Once you’ve played your copy of Brutal Legend, please join the rest of us in pestering Tim Schafer for sequel. Pyschonauts 2 is happening, so there’s hope – Tim even says a head-bangin’ sequel will happen someday.