One of the greatest but most underloved FPS games is now 90% off

Bulletstorm, from Painkiller and Gears of War dev People Can Fly, has a VR remaster due for Quest, but the original, underappreciated FPS is 90% off right now.

Bulletstorm Steam sale: A soldier with long flowing hair and big sideburns, Grayson Hunt from FPS game Bulletstorm

Bulletstorm was a blast. In an era of samey, grey-brown, war-based FPS games, People Can Fly’s 2011 shooter was big, bold, vibrant and funny, exactly the kind of mash up you’d expect from the studio that created Painkiller and worked on Gears of War. Imaginative weapons, a terrifically vulgar leading man in the form of Grayson Hunt, and even a playable ‘trailer’ that sharply parodied Call of Duty and Battlefield, Bulletstorm felt like a remedy to the post-CoD 4 war shooter blues. And now, with the summer Steam sale almost upon us, and a Bulletstorm VR remaster announced for Quest, you can get the original and hugely underloved shooter for less than the price of a sandwich.

Playing as Hunt, the heroic space marine turned struggling has-been, you crash land on a gigantic theme park planet filled with rides, restaurants, and colorful costumed mascots. Bulletstorm’s primary gimmick is the ‘Skillshot’ system that rewards you for inventing and executing the most imaginative kills.

In some cases, these are dead simple – stun an enemy with a well-placed limb shot, then boot him over the edge of a railing. As the game progresses, however, they become more elaborate and abstract – with the ‘Thumper’ ability, you can send an enemy flying into the air, then use the gravity whip to catch him, and smash him into another still-standing opponent.

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Unfortunately despite solid reviews, Bulletstorm struggled sales wise, and a sequel never materialized. A VR remaster of Bulletstorm was however recently announced for PC VR and Quest, so perhaps this underappreciated gem could see a resurgence, and maybe, just maybe, a long-awaited follow up. In the meantime, you can get Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition, which bundles the original game and all the DLCs, for 90% off.

Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition is $3.99 / £2.99 on Steam right now, down from $39.99 /£29.99. It’s a massive 90% price cut, but only available until June 29, when the Steam summer sale kicks off in full. So, if you’ve played Bulletstorm before, or you’re ready for a reunion with Waggleton P. Tallylicker (if you know you know), you can get one of the best shooters ever right here.

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