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“Pitchforks down, please” - Burnout Paradise Remastered won’t have microtransactions

burnout paradise remastered microtransactions

Burnout Paradise Remastered updates the classic open world racer with 4K visuals and blazing framerates. More substantially for PC players, it also brings together the full set of DLC from all platforms into a single package for the first time. There’s been a bit of fear going around that this edition of the game would dive into microtransactions, but worry not – there will be no extra purchases to get in the way of your return to Paradise City.

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That’s according to community manager Ben Walke, who said on Twitter there will be no microtransactions or other extra content.

The cause for concern came from the game’s PlayStation Store listing, which mentioned “in-game purchases optional.” That line has since been removed.

Though Remastered includes every major piece of DLC for the game, it does not feature the original Time Savers pack, a two dollar purchase which unlocked almost every car in the game – but it seems that’s no longer an option.

EA-published titles are currently under intense scrutiny from the community after the massive, vicious blowback against Battlefront II’s microtransactions. For now, on this title, you can lower the pitchforks. Burnout Paradise Remastered launches for consoles on March 16, with the PC version to come some time later.