Buy this today: a mouse mat to wirelessly charge your mouse

If you want to go the whole hog with wireless peripherals, you can't go wrong with the PowerPlay mouse mat

Logitech G PowerPlay wireless mousepad Buy This Today

Sure, you can use a mouse bungee, but nothing quite beats the freedom of control a wireless mouse gives you. The best gaming mouse in our eyes is the Logitech G Pro Wireless, which is testament to how far wireless tech has come. But wireless mice still need to refill their juices quite frequently, no matter how efficient their battery life is.

And yes, you can plug them in to charge them, or even use a Qi wireless charger like this one if they’re compatible, but what if you could charge them without having to move a muscle? Without having to stop gaming at all? Logitech has answered this question for us with its G PowerPlay mouse mat, which charges your mouse while you play.

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What is it?

The Logitech G PowerPlay is a mouse mat that uses sci-fi sounding (but entirely real!) electromagnetic resonance to charge any compatible mouse that rests upon it. It essentially creates an energy field that sits above the surface of the mouse mat, which the mouse’s PowerCore module uses to ‘trickle charge’ its battery. On top of the PowerPlay sits either a cloth mouse mat or Logitech’s G440 polymer mat.

This mouse mat requires a compatible mouse, which is currently limited to the Logitech G903 or G703. Luckily, we reckon the G903 is one of the best gaming mice around, so you’re not getting a raw deal by opting for this mouse and the PowerPlay mouse mat.

Why should you buy it?

You detest wires and all the baggage that comes with them. Anyone that’s made the jump to a wireless mouse has likely acquired the sweet taste of free movement and a clean and tidy aesthetic. And if you’re all for decluttering, then having to plug your mouse in to charge it, or – possibly worse – have another device sitting on your desk waiting to charge it, might make the whole enterprise seem a little redundant.

But not if you get the PowerPlay. With the PowerPlay you can have just a wireless mouse and a mouse mat. That’s it. And you never have to worry about forgetting to charge your mouse up, either.

What options do you have?

Logitech’s G PowerPlay is a ‘one of a kind’ product. It doesn’t use Qi charging, but rather uses the electromagnetic resonance trickle charging described above. As such, there’s only one option, the PowerPlay, and going for this means you also need a compatible mouse like the similarly fantastic G903.