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Call of Duty Cold War photo intel - all six Redlight, Greenlight locations

Here are all the photo intel locations for Operation Greenlight

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War photo intel

Looking for all six locations for photo intel in Call of Duty Cold War? Some of the missions have optional objectives, whether that’s collecting evidence or finding a hidden weapon locker. However, the optional objective in Operation Greenlight is a little meatier and requires you to do some extra digging to locate and photograph intel.

If you’re not at the mission Redlight, Greenlight just yet, this guide does contain light spoilers, so check back when you’ve made enough progress to start collecting intel.

As part of the Redlight, Greenlight mission in the main story, you’re sent to infiltrate a Russian superstructure, where they are training Soviets for an invasion of America. This optional objective tasks you with proving the existence of Operation Greenlight and to take photographs of six pieces of intel scattered throughout the main mission. To use your camera, simply press 3 and zoom in on the evidence to snap a picture. The game will notify you when you’ve successfully taken a picture and collected a piece of intel.

Call of Duty Cold War photo intel locations

Photo intel one

Towards the beginning of the mission, as you’re approaching security, you’ll slide down a rocky slope and take out a few baddies. Head to the Guard House next to the front gate (which you need to search anyway) and snap a picture of the blueprints on the wall.

Photo intel two

To find the next bit of intel you need to evade overhead helicopters, watchful soldiers, and patrolling tanks as you’re instructed to head inside. Pick the lock and after a scuffle with some soldiers, get back on your feet and head downstairs where Woods helps you take out some guards. There’s a side room on the left where you can take a picture of more blueprints hanging on the wall.

Photo intel three

Next follow Woods where he’ll comically take out a mannequin and ask you not to mention it, as you enter an amusement arcade that the Soviets have fashioned as a training course. Clear out the area and head to the bar to the right of the Capital Savings sign and go upstairs, where you’ll find more intel to snap on the furthest wall.

Photo intel four

Once you’re in the command centre, you need to do some jiggery pokery with a computer and the alarms will sound, follow Woods into the next room where you can see out the window that more soldiers are being deployed to hunt you down. In that same room, to the right of the window, is another piece of intel to gather.

Photo intel five

As you make a dash for the exit from the command centre, between taking out soldiers, there’s a small room to the right once you hit the clearing. It’s directly below the room with the dartboard. It’s a tiny room and you can’t miss the intel on the wall.

Photo intel six

Just as you punch through the exit, there’s another big wave of enemies to clear out in the room that looks like a cargo hold. There’s a small side room, where the final intel is hanging on the wall.

There are other optional side missions, too, with lots of evidence to gather in Call of Duty Cold War – including Operation Red Circus and Operation Chaos.