Call of Duty Cold War Operation Red Circus suspects guide

How to review suspects by comparing intel in Operation Red Circus

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Operation Red Circus

Want to know how to complete Operation Red Circus in Call of Duty Cold War? The sixth game in Activision’s Black Ops series of FPS games, Cold War’s campaign is all about preventing a Soviet spy called Perseus from carrying out his mission to subvert and undermine the United States, which tips the scales in favour of the Soviet Union.

As part of the campaign, you’ll be tasked with taking out Soviet Major Vadim Rudnik, who is helping Perseus to plant agents within European governments. How rude of him. The mission is called Operation Red Circus, and in order to complete it, you’ll need to select three suspects from a wider lineup of individuals. Time to play detective.

It’s not immediately obvious who you should choose, so in order to pick the correct suspects from the lineup, you’ll have to study evidence you’ve picked up over the course of the campaign. Here’s where to find the evidence you’ll need to figure it out – although be warned; there are Call of Duty Cold War spoilers ahead.

Operation Red Circus: Review Suspects evidence

The first piece of evidence you’ll need is from the Brick in the Wall mission. After sneaking into Kraus’ apartment and evading detection, you’ll find Kraus’ Ledger upstairs in his bedroom, in the top drawer of a cabinet to the right of the bed.

The second piece of evidence you’ll need is the Audio Report. It can be obtained during the mission Echoes of a Cold War – you’ll find it on a table next to a mug, an ashtray, and a payphone. This is when you enter the main structure and find yourself in a command room with a collapsed gangway.

The third piece of evidence is in the mission Desperate Measures. After you break into the Records room, you’ll find a wristwatch on a desk, next to a brown folio – this is the Dead Drop List.

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This is all the evidence you’ll need to work out who the suspects are. Kraus’s ledger will give you information on the suspects’ locations; the audio report will give the gender, and the dead drop list will provide more locations and dates. Narrowing down the list by cross referencing with your evidence should give you your suspects.

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