Call of Duty: Cold War and Warzone Season 1 start date delayed

It's gotta get cold before Cold War will heat up

December 4, 2020 Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War Season 1 now starts on December 16.

The Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War Season 1 start date is still set for December, though it’s a few days later than originally planned. The devs say this will be the “largest free content drop in Black Ops history”, so here’s hoping it’s worth the wait.

Season 1 will start for both Cold War and Warzone on December 16, six days after the previously planned date of December 10. This will be the season that integrates Cold War and Warzone together, so your player progression and loadouts will soon be available in both titles.

The devs confirm that there will be a new Warzone map and mode at launch, which is likely the recently-leaked Rebirth Island. Warzone will also get the benefits of more than 30 weapons coming over from Cold War, as well as a new version of the Gulag.

In Cold War itself, we’re getting new multiplayer maps, including the return of Raid from Black Ops II. You can get more details on what to expect from the official site, but the devs won’t begin to properly lift the veil on Season 1 content until next week.

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