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Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War create-a-class explained

Black Ops Cold War is shaking up create-a-class, but Modern Warfare fans won't feel out of place

Black Ops Cold War best class

Want to know exactly how Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War’s create-a-class system will work? Between recent leaked footage and an official multiplayer reveal, we’ve had a pretty good look at how Call of Duty Cold War’s multiplayer class system works, what’s returning from previous games, and how things are changing from Modern Warfare.

From field upgrade changes and new Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War guns, to fresh perks and wildcards, we’re breaking down all of the available footage to show you how create-a-class will work. If you’re a particularly keen Call of Duty player then you can even start dreaming up your ideal Black Ops Cold War class.

Join us as we analyse the leaks and official footage to find out how you’ll be able to modify your multiplayer soldier, from every known perk to the return of Gunsmith. Of course there are plenty of other changes coming to multiplayer that aren’t a part of create-a-class, so we’ll also be going over scorestreaks and any other standout tweaks.

Create-a-class overview

Black Ops Cold War’s create-a-class system will be very familiar to Modern Warfare players. The basic rundown is that every class has the same slots and you’ll get to fill them, so no Pick Ten system where you can run into battle with no primary weapon or perks.

Classes consist of a primary weapon, secondary weapon, perks, lethal and tactical equipment, and field upgrades. There are also optional Wildcards, which allow for extra flexibility outside of those class slots.

Create-a-class Black Ops Cold War


For weapons, Gunsmith is returning from Modern Warfare but has been massively expanded for all guns. There are more optics and attachments than in Modern Warfare, and all primary weapons can be customised with 54 different attachments, across eight different attachment points, and at least six options per attachment point.

As in Modern Warfare, you can equip five attachments per weapon, but this can be increased to eight with the Gunfire wildcard.

Improvements have been made to the UI of Gunsmith so that you get a much clearer percentage based information on all of your attachment choices, so you can easily see the impact of every choice.

Primary weapons

The primary weapon categories in Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War are:

  • Assault rifles
  • Submachine guns
  • Tactical rifles
  • Light machine guns
  • Sniper rifles

Secondary weapons

The glaring omission is shotguns, which are now included as secondary weapons. While we haven’t seen a full list of the secondary options in-game yet, our best guess is that pistols and launchers will also be options.

YouTube Thumbnail

Tactical equipment

Your first equipment option is tactical and includes gear like Stun Grenades, decoys, and smoke grenades. We’ve not seen a list of all of the options yet. You get one of these, but there is an option to increase your grenade count using the Danger Close wildcard.

Lethal equipment

Designed to kill, lethal equipment we’ve seen so far includes frag grenades and throwing hatchets.


We only have leaked footage to go on, but perks are once again split into three threes, and these are the perks we’ve seen so far:

  • Tactical Mask
  • Flak Jacket
  • Quartermaster
  • Scavenger
  • Tracker
  • Ghost
  • Ninja

Black Ops Cold War wildcards


The final slot in create-a-class is for wildcards. These are class modifiers that let you change the rules for your class. Here are all four wildcards you can pick:

  • Gunfighter
    Unlocks 3 additional attachment slots for your primary weapon.
  • Perk Greed
    Equip 3 extra perks.
  • Danger Close
    Equip extra lethal and tactical equipment, and start with max ammo.
  • Law Breaker
    Equip any weapon in either slot and equip any perks.

Field upgrades

As with killstreaks and scorestreaks, field upgrades don’t fall within create-a-class but we’re covering it anyway. These are pieces of equipment that recharge on a timed cooldown. These include:

  • Field Mic
  • SAM Turret
  • Proximity Mine


We don’t know much about these just yet, and Treyarch are being a little vague on details. However, scorestreaks will naturally accumulate by score rather than kills per life. This time around, Scorestreaks will tick up over multiple lives. To keep rewarding streaks over single lives, you’ll now earn a bonus so you can earn the high-end streaks faster. Scorestreaks are now on a cooldown so they players can no longer spam them.

Classics and new scorestreaks will make up the lineup, as well as counter-scorestreaks, which we know nothing about at the time of writing.

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