Call of Duty Cold War weapon locker key: where to find the Redeemer

Here's where to find the Redeemer in Echoes of a Cold War

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War weapon locker key

Looking for the Redeemer in Call of Duty Cold War? If you’re working your way through the campaign, you’re probably on the lookout for special weapons and what’s more special than this unique variant of the Magnum, that can be found steeped in ice and snow in a locker room during the Echoes of a Cold War mission?

If, however, you’re not this far into the Cold War missions, then beware: there are some spoilers ahead regarding what to expect from various points in this mission. Finding the Redeemer in Cold War is a little tricky, as it’s not on the main mission path and involves swiping a key to open it – it’s worth it, though, to get your hands on this powerful revolver that packs a deadly punch. It’s one of three optional objectives in Echoes of a Cold War, alongside Operation Red Circus – which requires you to collect intel.

We’ve outlined the locations of both the weapon locker key and where you can find the Redeemer itself, with some visual cues to help you spot the exact locations.

Call of Duty Cold War Redeemer location

During this mission, you’ll fall into an old facility, packed by frozen bodies and definitely not frozen Soviet soldiers. You’ll find the weapons locker on the main mission trail, as you press on with Woods and encounter many Soviet soldiers, heading down a zipline in the process. The zipline will break, and you’ll lose your gun to the icy mountains, so maybe the Redeemer isn’t so optional after all. Crawl through the corridors brandishing your knife – here you can stealthily kill some guards and take their weapons. Keep heading left where possible and you’ll find the weapon locker in a dark room accessible via a broken window, step through the gap and it will be on the wall ahead.

Call of Duty Cold War weapon locker key location

To find the weapon locker key in the Echoes of a Cold War mission, you’ll need to veer slightly from the main mission path. Working your way through a maze of derelict corridors, you’ll enter what looks like a strategy planning room, filled with cargo, crates, and dossiers – there’s a map on one side of the wall and a large round table in the middle covered in film reels. The weapon locker key can be found in a side room. It will give you an optional mission to locate the weapons locker now that you have the key, but there’s nothing optional about wielding the Redeemer – it’s downright lethal – so head back to the Redeemer locker location.

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