Modern Warfare 2 Zombies images seemingly struck down by Activision

Could we be getting Modern Warfare 2 Zombies? Well some now copyright struck images show a few hints in the newest Call of Duty towards the modes return

Modern Warfare 2 Zombies images seemingly struck down by Activision: soldier in full gear with a silenced gun

It appears that potentially leaked Modern Warfare 2 Zombies related data in the files of the new Call of Duty game have led to action taken by its publisher, Activision. While this is still very early days for the FPS game, Activision appears to have gotten involved with the datamined appearance of this Modern Warfare 2 Zombies information and scrubbed it from the internet, which could lend to the information’s legitimacy.

We’ve reached out to Activision for comment on this story, and will update it when we receive a response. We should also note that we won’t be showing anything directly here as well.

The images showed mode selections for “Round Based Zombies” and “Outbreak,” but these have now seemingly been copyright struck by Activision, as the leaked images from CODSpoitzImgz on Twitter now say “this image has been removed in response to a report from the copyright holder [Activision].”

This by no means outright confirms that a Modern Warfare 2 Zombies mode is coming to the next Call of Duty, but it does indicate that the data from the images is in fact real. It’s a difficult one, as there’s no promises being made here, but it leads us to consider why this would’ve been in the Modern Warfare 2 code to begin with.

Any further speculation of a Modern Warfare 2 Zombies mode likely will only lead to some form of disappointment, so it needs to be noted again that while what was shown appears to be legitimate, it doesn’t mean we will in fact be getting Modern Warfare 2 Zombies any time soon, or potentially at all.

There is one other explanation for this Modern Warfare 2 Zombies reveal, though granted it’s nowhere nearly as exciting as the prospect of the mode coming to the new Call of Duty in some capacity. As all Call of Duty games are now sharing the same engine, it could have something to do with Treyarch’s next game in the series, with code just being left in Modern Warfare 2 by mistake.

Modern Warfare 2 creative director Patrick Kelly even says that this shared engine means “each studio can directly contribute to the work of the others” and that the different development teams will still try to avoid making each different series feel too similar.

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