Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer beta field upgrade is surprisingly lethal

Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer beta field upgrades offer a range of tools in the new Call of Duty, but one in the Infinity Ward FPS is especially surprising

Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer beta field upgrade is surprisingly lethal: Ghost from Modern Warfare 2 waits for a mission

Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer beta field upgrades are one of the cores of the new Call of Duty, offering extra tools, enhancements, and buffs to the flagship Infinity Ward FPS, and giving us plenty of new toys to experiment with as we wait on Warzone 2. There’s one in particular, however, that although it seems innocent, is apparently hiding a nasty, lethal surprise.

Accompanying your weapons, attachments, and perks, field upgrades in Modern Warfare 2 range from the straightforward munitions box, which resupplies your ammo once you’re running low, to the elaborate battle rage, a chunky inhaler that pumps you full of a stimulant to replenish your sprint and regenerate your health more quickly. The most comical seems to be the inflatable decoy, a blow-up soldier that pops out of a box on the ground to surprise your enemies and draw their fire. The goal is to put your opponents off guard, even for a second, so you can kill them before they realise they’re shooting a balloon.

But as it turns out, the inflatable decoy can also be used as a weapon. In a range of clips that have appeared online, Modern Warfare 2 players are shown throwing the decoy’s launcher onto the ground, and timing it just right so that the decoy pops out right in the face of their opponent, killing them instantly like a kind of murderous Jack in the Box.

The tactic, however, can also backfire. Friend or foe, the decoy cares not for fleshly, non-inflatable human life, and if you chuck it in front of yourself then try to run through it, chances are it’s going to leap out and chin you for what is surely the most embarrassing self-own in all of Call of Duty.

Be careful when inflating the Inflatable Decoy from ModernWarfareII

So, don’t be fooled by the inflatable decoy’s light and bubbly exterior. Behind those helium-filled eyes lies the floaty, poppable soul of a killer.

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