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All Modern Warfare 2 game modes in multiplayer

Here are all the Modern Warfare 2 game modes and playlists in multiplayer, including newcomers Invasion, Prisoner Rescue, and Knockout

Modern Warfare 2 game modes list:

The Modern Warfare 2 game modes in the multiplayer game include some familiar faces, plus a third-person perspective which harks back to the 2009 game of the same name. There are a bunch of returning 6v6 game modes, including series staples Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, Search and Destroy, and Domination.

Ground War features larger multiplayer maps known as Battle Maps, suitable for 32v32 players, where each building and area can be explored, and vehicles populate the open areas. Then there’s the aforementioned third-person mosh pit, and the return of Spec Ops. With all that to choose from, here’s everything you need to know about all the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer modes.

Modern Warfare 2 game modes: Specgru operators Soap and Kleo in Ground War multiplayer mode

Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer game modes list

Here’s the full list of the Modern Warfare 2 game modes in multiplayer:

  • Control (6v6)
  • Domination (6v6)
  • Free-for-all (6v6)
  • Hardpoint (6v6)
  • Headquarters (6v6)
  • Kill Confirmed (6v6)
  • Knock Out (6v6)
  • Prisoner Rescue (6v6)
  • Search & Destroy (6v6)
  • Team Deathmatch (6v6)
  • Ground War (32v32)
  • Ground War Invasion (32v32)

New Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 game modes

Ground War Invasion

Played on one of the Battle Maps, 20v20 players, with additional AI on each team, fight to the death on a huge map where the only objective is to eliminate or be eliminated. It’s been described as a chill mode, without the pressures of objectives, you can play this mode exactly how you like whether that’s pushing in close range or sniping from a distance.

Modern Warfare 2 game modes list: Prisoner Rescue in Mercado Las Almas

Prisoner Rescue

On the smaller scale, this 6v6 attack and defend mode has players either locate two hostages and get them out alive or defend the prisoners against the attacking team. There aren’t any respawns, although revives are enabled. Attackers need to carry the hostages to safety in a wounded carry, where you can’t use primary weapons, only a pistol or melee. Attackers are then given a radar sweep for enemies and the objective icon above hostages disappears for the defenders.

Knock Out

In this round-based 6v6 mode, players fight it out to either eliminate the opposing force or hold a bag of cash to win. Anyone who is holding the bag appears on the minimap, and your team must hold the package for 60 seconds or eliminate the entire opposing team to win. There aren’t any respawns, but revives are enabled.

That’s all you need to know about the game modes in Modern Warfare 2. Equip yourself with the best Modern Warfare 2 guns, including the best MP5 loadout to crush your enemies at close range, or the best sniper rifles for when you find that perfect vantage point.