Modern Warfare 2 ranked play release date speculation

Modern Warfare 2 ranked play has been confirmed by Treyarch Studios, with the team behind previous COD league play modes supporting Infinity Ward

Modern Warfare 2 ranked play release date: Two operators wait to drop in from helicopter

Modern Warfare 2 ranked play has been confirmed in a first for the Infinity Ward developed series of CoD games, coming to the multiplayer game sometime in 2023. Despite the Modern Warfare 2 campaign only recently having been released, fans have already been clamouring for more, with ranked play top of their list of demands.

Treyarch Studios has confirmed that they’ll be bringing ranked play to the Modern Warfare series for the first time in Modern Warfare 2, having themselves developed the popular FPS game mode for other CoD games including Vanguard. So, in preparation, swat up on the best loadouts, rank up to max level, and read up on everything we know about Modern Warfare 2 ranked play.

Modern Warfare 2 ranked play: two operators with guns ready

Modern Warfare 2 ranked play confirmed

According to an official tweet from Treyarch Studios on November 2, ranked play is coming to Modern Warfare 2, and will be released “in a future Modern Warfare 2 season” sometime in 2023. While this isn’t a precise release date yet, it’s nice to know the mode is definitely being added, and this still lines up with an anticipated release with Modern Warfare 2 season 2.

MW2 Ranked play mode details

There are still very few official details on the upcoming Ranked Play mode, but a recent Call of Duty blog post confirmed some small details. For example, we now know that Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play will include a top-250 leaderboard – as with previous CoD Ranked Play modes, as well as visible Skill Ratings and Ranked Skill Divisions. There will, of course, be some valuable rewards on offer for the very best operators, but we need to wait until nearer the time to find out exactly what they might include.

Modern Warfare 2 divisions

Again, the actual Skill Divisions themselves have not been confirmed yb Infinity Ware or Treyarch yet, but leaker VanguardIntel has revealed supposedly datamined evidence of the new division names. Ranging from bronze up to, weirdly, crimson (why this is above diamond we’ll never know), the ranks also include an iridescent division, presumably at the top, for a total of seven potential ranks.

CDL Moshpit Playlist

In the meantime, a CDL Moshpit was due to be added with Modern Warfare season one, but has been delayed. Treyarch Studios has said that the delay should only be “slight” and that fixing the issues is their “top priority”. For those wanting to practise for Ranked Play early, the CDL moshpit will provide the perfect playground. When it does arrive, drop into official Call of Duty League game modes Hardpoint, Search & Destroy, and Control, using standard CDL rules and maps, without the fear of losing Skill Ratings.

While that’s all we know about Modern Warfare 2 ranked play so far, there’s certainly enough to be getting on with in the meantime, with a variety of maps and game modes. Make sure you’re ready to drop in with the best Modern Warfare 2 guns and attachments, like the best M4 loadout, if you’re looking to play with one of the most popular weapons.