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MW3 voice actors - full Modern Warfare 3 cast

We already know plenty of the Modern Warfare 3 voice actors as they are returning to their roles in the MW3 cast from previous instalments.

A military operator covered head to toe in gear and wearing night goggles, looks ahead while a shadow looms behind them.

Who are the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 voice actors? Originally, we thought there wasn’t going to be a new Call of Duty game this year, following MW2 and Warzone 2 in a mammoth 2022. Then, there were rumors of a DLC, and now we know Sledgehammer Games takes the reins for a brand-new full Modern Warfare 3 game.

Just a few short months after its surprise reveal at the end of July, the Modern Warfare 3 release date is moving in fast, and with such a stellar roster of beloved characters and the familiar faces behind them, we’re interested to know which Modern Warfare 3 cast are back for the next installment of the FPS game series. There might be some spoilers ahead as we reveal who is and isn’t returning for Modern Warfare 3, so keep that in mind before you check out the MW3 cast list below.

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Full MW3 cast list

Here are all the CoD Modern Warfare 3 voice actors we know of so far:

  • Barry Sloane – Captain Price
  • Julian Kostov – Makarov
  • Elliot Knight – Gaz
  • Neil Ellice – Soap McTavish
  • Andrew Morgado – Ravenov
  • Ibrahim Renno – The Neighbor
  • Claudia Doumit – Farah Karim
  • Rya Kihlstedt – Kate Laswell
  • Samuel Roukin – Ghost
  • Alain Mesa – Colonel Alejandro Vargas (presumed)
  • Glenn Morshower – General Shepherd (presumed)
  • Warren Kole – Phillip Graves (presumed)
  • Chad Michael Collins – Alex Keller (presumed)

Captain Price, played by Barry Sloane in the Modern Warfare 3 cast, wears his iconic hat and bears his classic facial hair as he delivers bad news into a headset.

Barry Sloane – Captain Price

Barry Sloane is among the few confirmed returning names for Modern Warfare 3 thanks to his active promotion of the game on his Twitter feed – including confirmation of his own return. Sloane played both the face and voice of Captain Price in the Modern Warfare reboot and Modern Warfare 2, taking over the role from Billy Murray in the original Modern Warfare series. The Liverpudlian also appears in ITV’s The Bay in the UK and ABC’s The Company You Keep in the US.

A close up of Modern Warfare 3 voice actor Julian Kostov, who plays villain Makarov, in the release trailer for MW3.

Julian Kostov – Makarov

Thanks to his appearance in the live action Makarov reveal trailer, and his own announcement, we officially know that Julian Kostov joins the cast of Modern Warfare 3 as the infamous villain, taking over the role from Roman Varshavsky. This is Makarov’s first full appearance in the reboot series after being mentioned by name in Modern Warfare II, despite being the main antagonist of the original Modern Warfare series. Interestingly, Makarov was believed to be dead in the original series, but the first MW3 reveal trailer features Price (Sloane) saying “Never bury your enemies alive,” apparently revealing that Makarov wasn’t actually dead.

Though he might be new to Call of Duty, Kostov is nowhere near new to the video game industry, having voiced roles in the likes of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 – seemingly a fan of jumping into a sequel. You might also recognize his voice as the narrator of The Division, and he appears in the upcoming movie remake of The Toxic Avenger.

Gaz, played by Elliot Knight in the MW3 cast and wearing a camo helmet, stealthily peers round a corner.

Elliot Knight – Gaz

If the Kyle “Gaz” Garrick face model in the first Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 trailer is anything to go by, it seems Elliot Knight once again returns as the baby-faced new recruit we first met in Modern Warfare 2019. You might remember that Soap, Price, and the gang had a teammate called Gaz in the original Modern Warfare series, and you’d be right. You might also remember *spoiler alert*, that Soap was forced to watch as villain Zakhaev shot him dead. New task force 141 member Kyle Garrick took on the nickname in the new series.

Elliot Knight himself has starred in a range of movies and TV series, including Sinbad (2012 TV series), American Gothic, and Once Upon a Time, in which he played Merlin. Knight also appears alongside his MW3 co-star Claudia Doumit in The Boys in Season 4.

Soap McTavish, played by Neil Ellice in the Modern Warfare 3 cast, wears a headset and looks somberly into the distance.

Neil Ellice – Soap McTavish

Another of the four classic members of Task Force 141, John “Soap” McTavish was played in the original series of games by Kevin McKidd, but Neil Ellice returns to the new series following his performance as the face and voice of Soap in Modern Warfare (2019) and Modern Warfare II.

Ellice is fairly new to acting, but his work in showbiz proves he’s far from a novice when it comes to video games. Starting off as a crew member for the Mortal Kombat: Legacy TV series, Ellice went on to have a role as a Marine in Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn. You may also recognize him from a recurring role in Loki.

Farah returns in MW3, looking out into a dark night, played by Claudia Doumit in the Modern Warfare 3 cast.

Claudia Doumit – Farah Karim

Australian actress Claudia Doumit presumably resumes her role as Farah Karim in MW3, again from the face model seen in the trailer for the new game. Apparently, being in one of the biggest game franchises around isn’t enough for Doumit though, as you might also recognize her from one of the biggest TV series around right now, The Boys, in which she has a recurring role as Victoria Newman.

An upper body shot of MW3 character Ghost, played by Modern Warfare 3 voice actor Samuel Roukin, as he looks into the distance from a high vantage point, the world continuing far below him.

Samuel Roukin – Ghost

Ghost can be seen in the MW3 trailer, but – unlike those above him here – we cannot say for sure that Samuel Roukin returns to his role as the masked member of Task Force 141, you know, since we can’t see his face. Not as active on Twitter as his colleague Sloane, Roukin hasn’t shared any hints that he will once again don the Ghost mask, but they have been seen together at a recent signing, so we can assume he’s still an active member of the task force.

Roukin took over the role of Ghost from Jeff Leach, who voiced the legendary CoD character in Modern Warfare (2019) and some other Call of Duty games. The new voice (and eyes) of Ghost hasn’t got any other video game work under his belt, but you might recognize him from stage, film, and TV, including The Kitchen, Happy-Go-Lucky, and Agents of SHIELD, respectively.

A close up of Kate Laswell in Modern Warfare 2, played, in the MW3 cast list, by Rya Kihlstedt.

Rya Kihlstedt – Kate Laswell

That’s a picture from Modern Warfare (2019), and we’re not entirely sure of Laswell’s return in MW3 so far, nor Rya Kihlstedt as her face and voice, but we’re fairly certain that’s Kihlstedt’s voice in the MW3 trailer at the top of the page. Laswell came pretty close to death in MW2 but was confirmed alive before the end of the campaign, so it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to believe that the CIA Chief returns for Modern Warfare 3.

As well as being part of the Modern Warfare series, you might recognize Rya Kihlstedt herself from the Superman and Lois TV series, the Obi-Wan Kenobi Disney+ series, or even back in Home Alone 3. You wouldn’t know it from her performance, but Modern Warfare is her first and only video game voice over work.

MW3 voice actors sergei ravenov is voiced by andrew morgado

Andrew Morgado – Ravenov

Ravenov first appeared in Black Ops Cold War, in the Zombies mode specifically, as a counter-terrorism operator. Having been introduced in the Firebase Z map, there’s a chance this is where he appears again in the MW3 Zombies mode, although he does have a specific credit in the MW3 mission Operation 627, which is the game’s first quest.

Morgado himself has appeared as a voice actor seemingly everywhere, with appearances in American Horror Story, Archer, Family Guy, Destiny, Mortal Kombat, Fortnite, and many more.

MW3 voice actors Renno returns are the mysterious neighbor

Ibrahim Renno – The Neighbor

The Neighbor is a character we’ve not yet come across in the Modern Warfare series, nor the franchise as a whole. When we know more about his specific role, we’ll update this guide. Outside of Call of Duty, you might recognise Renno from Law and Order, FBI, or Magnum P.I.

Ibrahim Renno return from 2022’s MW2, where he lent his voice to Hassan Zyani, the game’s main antagonist. Zyani met his end after shooting and wounding Soap before running out of ammo. As Zyani picked up Soap to throw him from a nearby open window, Ghost took aim from the roof and shot him in the head, so it’s highly unlikely Renno is returning as Zyani for MW3, and we’ll have to discover the identity of ‘The Neighbor’ ourselves.

That’s the full CoD Modern Warfare 3 cast list as it stands so far, with plenty more names to be added as we clear the campaign. If you can’t wait for the MW3 multiplayer modes, get a hit of nostalgia instead while reminiscing about the classic Modern Warfare 2 maps coming to the new game, or jump into one of the best war games you can get your hands on right now.