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Modern Warfare’s latest 725 nerf makes it easier to get one-shot kills

Schrodinger's 725 is nerfed and buffed at the same time

November 13, 2019 Modern Warfare’s latest balance changes seem to have had some unintended consequences.

Modern Warfare’s 725 shotgun has been controversial from the start. It lets you get one-shot kills at ranges that are pretty absurd for a videogame shotgun, and it’s been running rampant in multiplayer games. The 725 has now been nerfed multiple times, but it seems that the latest tweak actually made the gun noticeably better.

The latest Modern Warfare patch notes say that the range of the 725 has been reduced, but as TheXclusiveAce notes on YouTube (via VG247), you can now get one-shot kills from further away. It seems that while the actual damage range like has decreased, the spread of pellets has been tightened – more pellets hitting at lower damage value still puts down opponents at extreme range.


While we don’t know for sure, the decreased spread is likely an accidental reversion. After all, the devs specifically gave the 725 wider spread for both hip fire and ADS shots in update 1.07.

You can see a breakdown of the apparently accidental buff below.

Players have been able to make use of the shotgun almost like a sniper rifle – and while some of those trick shots are mighty impressive, they weren’t exactly conducive to a balanced multiplayer landscape among the Modern Warfare weapons.


While the updates are now coming quickly, Modern Warfare’s battle pass – which is coming in place of loot boxes – has suffered a bit of a delay. It’ll now launch in December, so we’re still going to have to wait to see how the game’s new monetisation structure pans out.