Call of Duty: Modern Warfare blueprints: best way to get blueprints and how they work

Modern Warfare blueprints let you acquire fully kitted weapons without having to grind weapon levels, here’s how to get them

cod modern warfare blueprint xrk m4a1

Looking for the best way to earn new Modern Warfare blueprints? Call of Duty: Modern Warfare changes so many things that some of its more subtle tweaks to the series’ tried and tested formula have flown under the radar. One of these tweaks is the brand-new blueprints system, which lets you acquire different versions of all Call of Duty: Modern Warfare weapons that come equipped with set attachments and camos.

The benefit here is pretty obvious: no need to grind through 30 or so weapon levels to acquire all of the best Modern Warfare attachments in Gunsmith. Plus, there are some pretty neat camos on blueprint weapons, like the Grassy Knoll sniper rifle, which boasts camouflage netting.

Here’s the thing though, the Modern Warfare blueprints system isn’t explained very well. And it’s not immediately clear how to get new blueprints, or what some of the more subtle difference between standard and blueprint guns are. We’ve assembled a quick guide to blueprints below to help you understand the full process.

How to get Call of Duty: Modern Warfare blueprints?

The fastest and most efficient way to get your hands on new Modern Warfare blueprints is to head to the barracks section of your multiplayer menu. Once there, check out the multiplayer challenges tab, and switch over from daily challenge view to missions. Missions are multi-stage challenges with rewards at each stage. Each mission also has a reward form completing the full mission, and for many of these that reward is a new blueprint. At the time of writing, there are ten missions offering Modern Warfare blueprints for rewards.

What’s the difference between Modern Warfare blueprint rarities?

Naturally, blueprints also come in different rarities, and the rarer the blueprint the more work it will take to complete the associated mission.

As for what the difference between each rarity is, it’s tough to say if there are any differences save for how difficult each one is to acquire. All legendary blueprints appear to fully kit out a weapon by filling all of its attachment slots, however some rare blueprints only include a few attachments and there are some major discrepancies in terms of visual design between rare, epic, and legendary blueprints.

How do you get the XRK blueprint weapons?

Unfortunately, the Modern Warfare XRK blueprints for the M4A1 and revolver are only available if you purchase the game digitally, so not every single player will have these two blueprints.

Can you progress guns by using blueprints?

It appears that blueprint versions of guns are treated as separate entities to their base forms, so if you use the XRK M4A1 it will not contribute to your weapon progress for the M4A1 at all.

Can you equip blueprint camos to other guns?

Again, sadly it seems these blueprint cosmetics are tied to the blueprint version of the gun and cannot be transferred back to the original.

That’s everything we know about Modern Warfare blueprints. Grinding through the missions to unlock some of these will take a long time, so we advise picking your favourite and treating it as a background challenge rather than your core focus.