More Call of Duty: Modern Warfare leaks confirm battle royale Warzone details

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare performance

Signs that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will soon get a battle royale mode have been circulating online for a while. Warzone leaks so far have included images with a with a Call of Duty: Warzone logo, but there’s been no actual gameplay to get a look at – until now. The first gameplay footage for the mode has now appeared, packed with plenty of details to lap up.

Though now taken down (re-uploaded via Reddit here), the footage appeared on YouTube channel Chaos, and VGC has captured the various details confirmed during the clip. According to the site, it’s confirmed Warzone will launch as a standalone mode to download separately from Modern Warfare and will feature two core gameplay versions – one allowing respawns and one without. There will reportedly be matches of up to 150 players, with options to take them on solo, in pairs, and in threes.

It seems there will be a mixture of both existing and new areas in the free-to-play battle royale game’s map, with familiar zones such as Scrapyard, Overgrown, Broadcast, and Terminal making an appearance. The mode will also reportedly include various different vehicle options, like choppers, tricks, and even quad bikes.

Following previous leaks, it now also seems confirmed the mode’s ‘Plunder’ currency will feature, which lets players buy various goodies form ‘Buy Stations’, such as respawn tokens, gear, killstreaks, and even defeated teammates who can be resurrected back into a match for Plunder.

The other way to avoid defeat is by battling it out against an opposing player in a one-one-one gunfight in the Gulag, an option the mode apparently gives you when you get knocked out for the first time in a game.

Reddit user Ywine has helpfully posted a breakdown of information gleaned from video – check it out below:

If you don’t currently play Modern Warfare but are keen to jump into the FPS game’s new mode, the good news is you don’t need the main game to play Warzone – but you’ll get access to a your custom skins and other cosmetic goodies if you do own it.

There’s no confirmed Call of Duty: Warzone release date to mark on our calendars just yet as Activision is yet to confirm the mode itself, but it’s reportedly due to arrive very soon – March 10. Better keep your eyes peeled tomorrow, then. We’ve reached out to Activision for comment and will update the story with any new information.