Best Warzone 2 Basilisk loadout for season 2

If your style is more cowboy than combat professional, more Billy The Kid than William the KD, the best Warzone 2 Basilisk loadout is for you.

Best Warzone 2 Basilisk loadout: a revolver pistol sits on display in a dark room

If you’re looking for the best Warzone 2 Basilisk loadout, we’ve got your back. While it’s not a weapon that you’d usually associate with the firefights on Al Mazrah, the Basilisk is a revolver that packs a serious punch if you can get your shots on target. With this loadout, you’ll have double the weapons and therefore double the chance of filling your opponents with lead.

Here is the best Basilisk loadout in Warzone 2:

  • Rear Grip: Akimbo Basilisk
  • Barrel: 10.5” FTAC Arrow
  • Laser: REVO-LSD 7MW
  • Loader: S40 Rapid Loader
  • Trigger Action: Bryson HTA

Let’s get the glaring attachment out of the way: the Akimbo Basilisk rear grip. Taking two pistols onto the battle royale game does have its drawbacks – you won’t be able to aim down sights which greatly reduces your range. However, you’ll be an absolute menace within ten metres, and anyone stupid enough to venture that close to you won’t live to regret it.

Because we’re running akimbo Basilisks, we need the 10.5” FTAC Arrow barrel and REVO-LSD 7MW attachments to increase the revolver’s hip fire accuracy. The lasers also give you a clear sight indication of where your bullets land – this is vital now that you don’t have the ability to ADS.

The S40 Rapid Loader and Bryson HTA trigger action both add utility to the Basilisk, with the former speeding up reload speeds and the latter increasing your rate of fire. The Basilisk has one-shot kill potential up to ten metres, but with only five rounds in each gun, you’ll want to get as many rounds on target as quickly as possible.

While it may not be one of the best Warzone 2 guns, this secondary weapon is essential for building the best Warzone 2 loadout without running Overkill and the best Warzone 2 perk package. Pair the Basilisk with the best Warzone 2 AR, or even the best Warzone 2 sniper rifle in the free PC game to create a powerful loadout that can handle enemies at all ranges.