Warzone 2 fixes pile in as Call of Duty devs improve communication

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 devs Raven Software and Infinity Ward have been showering the battle royale with updates recently, showing a change in communication

Warzone 2 fixes pile in as Call of Duty devs improve communication

With the battle royale game genre feeling so crowded, Warzone 2 has been finding it somewhat challenging to fit in despite being so popular, as many players continue to highlight the plethora of issues faced by the shooter. That said, recent developments and promised improvements with Warzone 2’s meta and a series of updates appear to be turning many players around, as Infinity Ward and Raven Software take a lot of action to improve the game and listen to player feedback.

Growing pains since the launch of Warzone 2 are expected, not just for any Call of Duty game but any FPS game in general, but there’s been a distinct lack of consistent communication, especially from Raven, the main developer of Warzone 2. That’s not to say Raven was ignoring players or feedback, or not doing much, more just that the studio wasn’t communicating with the player base as consistently as they would like, but this seems to have changed recently, so hopefully, it can be kept up.

A large number of changes were made in the last couple of days, with Raven and Infinity Ward clearly signposting everything online between Twitter, Trello boards, and patch notes. We’ve broken everything down for you in the list below.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 updates and recent changes

  • The chance to encounter multiple circles was reduced from 33% to 15%
  • Fixed issue where equipping a loading loses players a small amount of cash.
  • Fix to drastically decrease the number of crashes.
  • Fix to stop preventing players from saving weapon tuning in custom mods.
  • Heavy chopper disabled in Warzone 2 to look into its late-game balancing.
  • Fix for base AI difficulty increase in DMZ.
  • Players encountering dev error 11557 are advised to reinstall the game.
  • Fixed a bug kicking free trial players from the free trial playlists.

All of this follows Raven Software reversing the Warzone 2 buy station update after just one day, as it looks like the update pipeline for the multiplayer game all came together at once recently.

The above improvements are far from everything coming to Call of Duty, but the sheer volume of Warzone 2 improvements and changes (big and small) hasn’t gone unnoticed by the community, with many players noting how the developers have dropped all of this support all at once.

What this all really seems to come down to is communication, as Warzone players are reacting positively to consistent and clear outlines of fixes and upcoming changes to a game with an ever-shifting meta. Hopefully Raven and Infinity Ward can keep this up, and it clearly seems to be working in how it’s keeping players more in the loop with any and all major and minor changes.

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