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Warzone 2 set for reveal at Call of Duty Next, plus Modern Warfare 2

Warzone 2, the new battle royale multiplayer FPS expected to launch alongside Modern Warfare 2, seems set feature at the Call of Duty Next event on September 15

Warzone 2 set for reveal at Call of Duty Next, plus Modern Warfare 2: Ghost from Modern Warfare 2 aims an assault rifle

Warzone 2 will apparently finally be revealed with its first ever live game at the Call of Duty Next event on September 15, as the battle royale FPS due to form part of the multiplayer component to Modern Warfare 2 could be revealed via dozens of content creators, including FaZe Swagg, playing via livestream.

The Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer beta begins on Playstation on September 16 before extending to all platforms September 24. The game will be showcased at the Call of Duty Next event, and will apparently feature alongside the first live footage and match for Warzone 2. Though the event initially promised “many more details regarding Modern Warfare 2, and information on the next Call of Duty: Warzone”, it was not previously known that Warzone 2 would make an actual, in-game appearance.

However, Kris “Swagg” Lamberson, a member of the dominant Call of Duty FaZe clan, has posted their upcoming streaming schedule, saying that not only will they be playing the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer beta, but also, in the coming week, Warzone 2. “MW2 beta this weekend,” Lamberson writes on Twitter, “and get to play/stream Warzone 2. A lot of hours ahead”.

Activision has previously said that Call of Duty Next would feature a “multitude of your favourite streamers, playing the games in real time”, but had not confirmed the full roster of games or competitors. It now seems possible, however, that members of FaZe will participate in Call of Duty Next and the first ever stream of Warzone 2.

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