Best Warzone Pacific guns: the top weapons for Season 3

Want to make sure you're set up for victory in Warzone Pacific? We’ve tested every weapon in the game to determine what the best guns are in Season 3

A solider crouching wearing the Automaton, one of the best Warzone Pacific guns

Want to know what the best Warzone Pacific guns are? Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded completely changed the battle royale game by unifying the Vanguard Royale and Battle Royale playlists together. This means players no longer have to use Vanguard weapons if they own any of the guns from Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War, and we’re continuing to reap the rewards in Season 3. Rebirth Island has also gone through radical changes, adding new areas to encourage players to explore the map.

Picking out the best Call of Duty Warzone Pacific weapons can be difficult, especially with over 100 different options to pick from across three games. The latest weapons added to the FPS game are usually underpowered to avoid them dominating the meta early on, but we highly recommend unlocking every weapon as early as possible. Occasionally there’s one or two weapons that manage to launch with completely broken stats, so it’s worth keeping an eye on this page to find out which guns are currently performing well.

Warzone Pacific is surprisingly well balanced these days, but there’s always going to be a few outliers that manage to outperform the rest of the guns in their weapon type. Here’s everything you need to pick the best Warzone Pacific guns.

Here are the best Warzone Pacific guns:

  • STG44
  • ZRG 20mm
  • PPSh-41
  • HDR
  • Cooper Carbine
  • Owen Gun
  • EM2
  • MP40
  • AK-47 (Cold War)
  • Type 100
  • Swiss K31
  • Armaguerra 43
  • MG 82
  • Welgun
  • C58
  • Automaton
  • XM4
  • Volk
  • CR-56 AMAX
  • Kar98k (Modern Warfare)
  • Bren
  • RAM 7
  • Bullfrog
  • Mac-10
  • OTs 9
  • FARA 83
  • MG42
  • 3-Line Rifle
  • BAR


The STG 44 in front of a black background in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific's preview menu


The best STG 44 loadout is the perfect beginner weapon in Warzone Pacific due to the flexibility of the gunsmith system, allowing you to create builds using ten attachments. Depending on how you build the STG44, the skill ceiling can be surprisingly high if you opt for a long range setup. As far as assault rifles go, our STG44 build truly has it all – great damage output, impressive range, and stable recoil control.

ZRG 20mm

This long-range heavy sniper rifle was an off-meta pick back in the Verdansk days, but prior to Warzone Pacific Season 3, this weapon has been largely ignored for months. The balance update to sniper rifles has brought the ZRG 20mm back from the dead, giving players a new option to use on Caldera. Our best ZRG loadout focuses on improving the aim down sight speed to bring it closer to the Swiss K31, making this sniper rifle a real threat when used correctly.


Vanguard’s SMGs aren’t as dominant as the ones in Cold War, but the PPSh-41 manages to stand out amongst the crowd of underpowered weapons. Featuring large magazines and extremely low recoil, you can decimate players at close range if you use the PPSh-41 as a secondary weapon. Check out our best PPSh loadout to create the best weapon to pair alongside an assault rifle or sniper rifle.


The ZRG 20mm wasn’t the only sniper rifle to receive huge buffs in Season 3 – the HDR has also risen from its grave. Compared to the other sniper rifles in Warzone, the best HDR setup has the highest bullet velocity, meaning your bullets go exactly where you want them to. If you hate accounting for bullet drop when firing from a distance, the HDR is going to become your new best friend.

The Cooper Carbine assault rifle in Warzone, shown on a black background.

Cooper Carbine

The Cooper Carbine is one of the first weapons added to the game through the Season 1 battle pass, and this assault rifle does a lot to impress. Our best Cooper Carbine loadout has been designed as a sniper support weapon, giving you the perfect gun to take down enemies at close to medium range. What makes this gun so deadly is its accuracy – as long as your aim is reliable, this weapon doesn’t miss shots from mid range. Despite Season 3 shaking up the meta across other weapons, the Cooper’s popularity with the player base has remained stable so far.

Owen Gun

The Owen Gun has been one of the most popular SMGs In Warzone Pacific for some time now, sporting high accuracy and a plenty of bullets to burn through. Utilise the best Owen Gun loadout to ensure you’re always equipped with a stocked SMG whenever you need to fight against opponents at close range.


Introduced at the beginning of Cold War Season 5, the base EM2 has impressive damage output, and if you follow our best Warzone EM2 loadout guide, you should be able to counteract its painfully slow ADS speed. The EM2 is built primarily for long range shootouts thanks to its naturally high accuracy, and it pairs extremely well with one of the new Warzone perks: Combat Recon. Once you hit an enemy, it automatically shows their location on the minimap, alerting your teammates to the enemy’s position.


The best MP40 loadout is a great alternative to the PPSh-41 if you want to go for a fast time to kill speed above everything else. You do have to make some sacrifices to the weapon’s recoil control in order to increase the fire rate – this allows you to take down enemies much faster than before. Season 2 was not kind to the MP40, reducing its damage range to make it less effective from a distance. Season 3 hasn’t improved the situation – as long as you stick to medium range, the MP40 is still a viable option.

The Cold War AK-47 in Call of Duty: Warzone's preview menu


The Cold War AK-47 has emerged as one of the best assault rifles thanks to its versatility. Whether you’re looking to dominate enemies up close or at long range, the CW AK47 can compete at almost any distance. This weapon is extremely popular right now as it currently leads the pack in terms of its time to kill speed. Equip yourself with the best AK47 loadout which focuses on close range encounter to blast away rival squads.

TYPE 100

The Type 100 was already one of the better SMGs in Warzone Pacific, but it recently received a buff to take it to another level. To bring the best Type 100 loadout in line with the MP40 and PPSh-41, the devs made an effort to increase its minimum and maximum damage, thereby improving the weapon’s time to kill speed. If you’re looking for a strong SMG to take into battle, the Type 100 is your best bet.


Looking for a new sniper rifle? The Swiss K31 has been buffed a number of times to make it a true competitor to the Kar98k. Unlike the Kar98k, the Swiss can be built for both close and long range encounters, making it highly versatile for both Caldera and Rebirth Island. Head on over to our best Swiss loadout to see which attachments take this sniper rifle to another level.

Armaguerra 43

The Armaguerra 43 is a deadly SMG in the right hands, especially when paired up alongside our best Armaguerra 43 loadout, By reducing the recoil on this weapon, we can utilise the SMG’s high rate of fire stats to blast enemies away at close range. Our loadout is built for 1v1 encounters to ensure you’re always the player left standing.

The MG 82 LMG in Call of Duty Warzone's preview menu

MG 82

When it comes to LMGs, the MG 82 appears to be an anomaly. Using the best MG 82 loadout, you can equip the right set of attachments to drastically reduce the weapon’s recoil. We cannot stress how low the recoil is on this weapon, it’s so good that we wouldn’t be surprised if the MG 82 receives a nerf in the next week or so.


If you can’t get on with the PPSh or MP40 for whatever reason, you need to check out the Welgun. Introduced in Warzone Pacific Season 1 Reloaded, this SMG features one of the highest time to kill speeds in the game. At close range, the best Welgun loadout has little to no competition in terms of being a highly mobile, yet deadly option. Season 2 nerfed multiple aspects of the Welgun, and Season 3 didn’t make the situation better (or worse). Stick to medium range to get the best out of this gun.


If you’re looking for a long range assault rifle with great overall stats, there’s no better weapon to use than the C58. The only real downside to the best C58 loadout is the recoil, but this can be managed after using the gun for several rounds. The damage output from this weapon shouldn’t be ignored, it really does pack a punch. The Warzone Pacific Season 2 update nerfed the C58’s recoil deviation and recoil magnitude, although no further changes have come in Season 3. Stick to medium range.

A shot of the Automaton assault rifle in Call of Duty Warzone loadout menu.


All good things must come to an end, though that doesn’t appear to be the case for the Automaton just yet. This assault rifle has been one of the go-to picks in Warzone Pacific, however, it did receive a nerf its recoil control because it was far too accurate. This nerf made no impact to the weapon’s pick rate as the extra recoil is negligible using the best Automaton loadout.


When it comes to sniper support, nothing holds a candle compared to the XM4. The best XM4 loadout utilises the assault rifle’s high mobility stats and great damage output to crush any flanking enemies. The XM4 can be build a variety of ways which is why it’s so prominent on Caldera and Rebirth Island.


Though the stats aren’t radically different in the multiplayer mode compared to Warzone Pacific, the Volk has been neglected by the community in the battle royale mode. The best Volk loadout has the power of an assault rifle combined with the mobility of an SMG, making it a deadly secondary weapon. If you focus on close range encounters, the Volk gives the MP40 and the PPSh a run for their money.

The stock CR-56 AMAX assault rifle in Call of Duty: Warzone's preview menu


The CR-56 AMAX finally received a nerf prior to the Cold War Season 3 Reloaded update, but this barely had an impact overall. This weapon handles like a combination of the AK-47 and Scar – the CR-56 AMAX can be transformed with the right attachments to create a heavy-hitting, relatively manageable AR. Our CR-56 AMAX Warzone setup massively improves its long-range effectiveness without making it unusable in close-range skirmishes.

Kar98k (Modern Warfare)

The Kar98k and the Swiss K31 are no longer the undisputed best snipers in Warzone, even with their one shot kill potential. The Warzone Pacific Season 3 update changes how one-shot kills work by using damage range to calculate each bullet’s total damage when it hits an enemy player. Despite the Kar98k’s respectable damage, range, and bullet velocity, its pickrate has dropped since the start of the new season. This is mainly because the Kar98k can only perform if you’re landing those headshots – if you’re not, this gun struggles. Check out our build for the best Warzone Kar98k loadout.


LMGs usually have huge downsides which make them difficult for most players to opt for, but the Bren is completely different. The best Bren loadout is easily one of the best Warzone Pacific LMGs thanks to its impressive damage range and low recoil. Despite going through numerous nerfs, the Bren remains a favourite among LMG fans.

The RAM-7 in Call of Duty Warzone's preview weapon menu


While the M4A1 dominates in core multiplayer, the RAM-7 is also a top option in Warzone for a fast-firing, accurate, and versatile assault rifle. You can equip it with a 50-round mag, which is solid, and in close to mid-range fights it’s an absolute laser beam. Here’s our full Ram-7 Warzone loadout if you fancy taking this AR for a spin.


SMGs have always been part of the Warzone meta because of their close to medium range dominance, and there’s nothing better than the Bullfrog. When customised with the correct attachments, the best Bullfrog loadout can be built to take down enemies at all ranges. You can equip this weapon with attachments to make it deadly from a distance, but it truly excels up close thanks to its high mobility and bullet velocity stats.


If you’re looking for a weapon with high mobility coupled with a fast time to kill, there aren’t many SMGs better than the Mac-10. This SMG really shines when fighting at a close range – enemies will struggle to win 1v1 encounters against the Mac-10 thanks to its lightning fast aim down sight speed. When paired with the correct attachments, the Mac-10 becomes an instant pick for anyone looking to rack up loads of kills. Be sure to check out the best Mac-10 loadout to understand how to get the best out of this weapon.

The best OTs 9 loadout SMG in Call of Duty: Warzone's preview menu introduced in Warzone Season 4 Reloaded


If you’re a fan of high risk, high reward weapons, the OTs 9 might be your next SMG. The OTs 9 features fantastic recoil control, accuracy, and power, but what’s the catch? The magazines are so small, even if you use the best OTS 9 loadout. As long as you aren’t trying to take down multiple enemies at the same time, the OTs 9 is a great option for 1v1 encounters.

Fara 83

The balance changes introduced in Cold War Season 4 nerfed enough assault rifles to make the Fara 83 one of the best weapons in the game. If you’re looking for a weapon with the mobility of an SMG without having to sacrifice the damage output of an assault rifle, the Fara 83 is your best bet. Give our best Fara 83 loadout a read to see how to get the most out of this deadly assault rifle.


The MG42 is Vanguard’s standout LMG, but not for the reasons you might expect. While most LMGs focus on close to mid range combat, the customised the best MG42 loadout excels at medium to long range. When customised correctly, the right set of attachments can minimise the recoil on this weapon, allowing you to aim the MG42 like a laser beam from a distance. There’s a good chance this gun sees a nerf in the near future, so give it a try while you still can.

The 3-Line Rifle in Warzone Pacific


Warzone Pacific nerfed long range sniper rifles by increasing their aim down sight speed, which explains why the 3-Line Rifle struggles to compete against the stronger Kar98k. In addition to this, Caldera focuses mainly on battles from mid range, limiting the potential of weapons like the best 3-Line Rifle loadout. Fortunately, the Season 2 update introduced a number of useful buffs to the sniper rifle to bring it up to speed, and Season 3 brought more good news – the 3-Line will now one-shot to the head at any range.


Unlike most of the assault rifles in Warzone Pacific, the Bar can be customised to create a marksman rifle capable of taking enemies out from great distances. The Bar is fully automatic, giving you the freedom to hold down the trigger when fighting against multiple enemies. You do have to be careful when firing up close as it’s very easy to get flanked while using this weapon.

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And that’s everything you need to know about the best Warzone Pacific guns. Want to know what the best Warzone loadouts are? We’ve paired together the best weapons in Warzone to create meta-defining loadouts. Once you manage to call in a loadout drop, the rest of the game should be a piece of cake.