Call of Duty: Warzone’s armoured trucks removed following latest invisibility glitch

Some players hope they won't come back

Season 4 of Call of Duty: Warzone came with a new, honking big truck called the Big Bertha, and now it’s gone. Developer Raven Software has taken to Twitter to reveal that the armoured cargo truck was removed in an update due to an ongoing issue with players becoming invisible.

It didn’t take long for players to figure out how to use the truck to disappear, with several clips flooding YouTube and Reddit of players getting gunned down by invisible foes. It’s not entirely clear how people pulled it off, though plenty have speculated it could be similar to the method people used to turn invisible with the attack copper.

A card on Raven’s Trello board clarifies that the armoured trucks have been removed until the team can figure out a permanent fix, though some players are hoping it doesn’t come back. The Big Bertha comes with plenty of health, a turret, and you can upgrade it to include a UAV, trophy system, and even a repair function. Players have found it to be particularly potent in solos, where it’s tough to destroy.

“Leave this in LTMs like Armoured Royale,” content creator Westie says in reply to Raven’s tweet. “This is almost like Fortnite when mechs were added. There was clearly good intent but the reality is they just get abused and make the game less fun for everyone unfortunate enough to be steamrolled by them.”

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Thankfully, there are plenty more new things to check out in this season’s Call of Duty update. We’ve already whipped up some guides on Warzone’s nail gun and the Warzone red door locations, so do check those out.