Warzone red door locations and where they lead to

Warzone Season 5 Reloaded adds an element of danger to the red door portals

The open red door located in Summit

Want to know where the red doors take you in Warzone? Arguably the biggest change to ’80s Verdansk has come in the form of red doors, mysterious portals that have the ability to take you across the map in seconds.

For those of you that didn’t play the Cold War single player campaign, the red doors were used as a mechanic to transport the player to completely different locations. Originally it was thought that these red doors could replace the subway system that was added to modern Verdansk, but it’s clear this mechanic isn’t very consistent. The red doors have set locations where they can spawn, but they won’t always appear in every match.

Using the red doors is simple enough, all you need to do is unlock the door and walk through. The problem is that you won’t necessarily be able to find a red door, even if you know where they are located. Here’s everything you need to know about the red doors, including where to find them and where they’ll take you.

Warzone red door locations

There are 31 different locations where red doors can spawn on Verdansk, but not every door is guaranteed to spawn. A lot of the doors are concentrated to one set area, so if you can’t find a red door the first time you look, refer to our map to find the closest door.

Here are the Warzone red door locations in Stadium:

  • Enter the Stadium via the ground floor east entrance and head through the door on the right. There’s a red door straight ahead on a wall covered in graffiti
  • Instead of walking through the door on the right, run up the stairs until you reach the next floor. Head down the corridor with a blue door on the left – enter that door to find a red door on the left side of the wall next to a white board
  • Go to the south side of the Stadium beyond the parked vehicles. Run towards the hanging lights and head to the left side of the room
  • On the west side of the Stadium, head up the stairs. As you make your way between floors, the red door is located right before you reach the top floor
  • Run up the stairs on the west side of the Stadium and take a hard left. The red door is opposite a breakable window which takes you out onto the road
  • The final red door is located on the north side of the Stadium. Climb several sets of stairs leading up to the building. Once you reach the final set of stairs, the red door is found on the right side of the wall

Here are the Warzone red door locations in Factory:

  • In the Factory area, head to the blue aircraft hangar found near the airplane. Walk through the largest door and turn right. The red door is located on the right wall
  • Climb up the stacked objects and stairs to enter the airplane parked outside the Factory. You can find the red door at the back of the plane.
    Enter the middle building towards the south side of the Factory. You should see the front of a parked airplane – drop down near the wheels of the plane and look to the left. The red door is on the left wall
  • Within the same building, head up the stairs until you reach the roof. Turn to the right to find the red door
  • The last red door in this building is located underground in the tunnel that connects the two buildings together. Head down the stairs and make a right to reach the red door
  • You can find the red door in the southeast building by parachuting down onto the second floor. From there, break open the windows on the right side of the building until you find a roof. The red door is in between the windows

Here are the Warzone red door locations in Small Farm:

  • Head to the windmill in Small Farm, it’s the northernmost building in the area. The red door is on the left side of the property
  • On the west side of Small Farm, enter the building through the window on the right side, where you’ll spot the red door opposite the bed
  • Search the southernmost building on the Small Farm, right outside the area you should be able to find a yellow tractor. Run past the tractor and head into the building on the left – the red door is on the same wall as the building
  • Open the door to the southernmost building on the Small Farm, walk up the stairs and take a right. The red door is located next to the window

Here are the Warzone red door locations in Summit:

  • Inside the R306 building, run up the stairs on the left. Enter both sets of double doors and turn right immediately to find a red door
  • Locate the right side of the R306 building, climb the stairs and head through the first grey door you find. Turn right and there’s a red door underneath the stairs
  • Head towards the large building located near the helicopter, walk up to the soviet flag and turn left to find a red door next to a desk
  • Enter the small building near the helicopter, there’s a red door in its own isolated space next to large green boxes
  • The easiest way to reach this red door is to drop on it during the initial landing phase. Land between the large building and the separate room, walk inside the separate room with ‘03’ painted on the side to find a red door between two windows
  • Enter the building located in Summit next to the vehicle. Walk through and take the first door on the right side of the room. The red door is located behind the door you just opened

Here are the Warzone red door locations in Old Mines:

  • There are three buildings lined up in a row in Old Mines – head to the building in the middle. If you enter through the window, the red door should be the first thing you see
  • Below this building you should be able to spot some train tracks. Enter the building via the tracks, head towards the only door in the building and make a right. There’s a red door underneath the ceiling light

Here are the Warzone red door locations in Salt Mines:

  • As you parachute in at the beginning of the game, try to land on the railings of the largest building to the north of the Salt Mines. Enter the grey door, then both double doors – walk until you reach the end of the room on the right. Here you will find a red door opposite the windows.
  • Within the same interconnected building on the opposite side, climb up the stairs, there’s a red door straight ahead
  • The building located in the middle of Salt Mines has tracks coming out of it. Follow the tracks until you reach the grey shutters and turn left. There’s a red door on the brick wall
  • Go into the building located on the southwest side of the Salt Mines. Enter through the double doors, go up the stairs and turn right immediately. The red door is next to stacked cardboard boxes
  • In the building in the southeast corner of the Salt Mines, head up both sets of stairs and go through the first door on the right. Turn right again and walk forward to find the final red door in this area

Here are the Warzone red door locations in Downtown Plaza:

  • Go into Downtown Plaza and look for the elevator shaft. Zipline up to the highest point, enter the room and go up the stairs. Search the building for another set of stairs, this should take you to floor 32. Go through the door, turn right and walk straight ahead until you find a red door at the end of the room
  • Head inside Downtown Plaza and run up to the second floor. Turn left until you reach a red door surrounded by marble

A red door can be used by anyone while it’s open, allowing you and your entire squad to travel through it. After four people walk through the door, or after a short period of time has elapsed, the red door will automatically close. The red door can be opened again, but it won’t always transport players to the same location as the first time.


Geeky Pastimes has done it again – he’s found an easter egg related to the Warzone red doors. To earn an exclusive calling card, head through any of the red doors on ‘80s Verdansk. This should bring you to a room filled with several red doors, enter the door without lightning around it.

There is a chance that entering this door could send you back into the air, forcing you to redeploy. This means someone else has entered a red door and they’re inside the room with multiple doors – don’t worry, just enter another red door instead. You should hear a quote from Adler which signifies you’re in the right location.

Open the red crate with glowing red numbers surrounding it, inside you’ll find the Lost Lion cane. Pick this up and make your way to the Verdansk Graveyard. Inside the graveyard is a statue with a prompt displaying ‘???’ over it. Hold the cane and activate the prompt to dig through the dirt, rewarding you with the calling card. You can’t dig through the dirt without the cane, so make sure you grab it from the room first.

Warzone Season 5 Red Doors update

Warzone Season 5 has drastically altered where red doors transport players . Prior to this update, you were guaranteed to reach a destination filled with high-level loot. Heading through a red door after this update can send you to a separate location filled with red doors. Redditor danqestmemes posted their gameplay clip briefly showing off the new location.

The new red doors are a little… interesting from CODWarzone

The gameplay clip also shows off how the red doors can redeploy players, sending them back into the air. This new location is located near the edge of the map – this can be extremely dangerous after the first gas circle has closed as you’re forced to take damage until you enter a new red door. The gas isn’t the only thing that’ll kill you either as numerous operators count down from five before sending you to an early grave.

Is it worth taking a trip through the red doors after this deadly change? That depends on how lucky you and your squad are feeling. If you’re a serious, competitive player, you may want to avoid these rooms. You aren’t always going to land in a room filled with top end loot, however, it does add an element of randomness to your game which can be entertaining.

Where do the red doors take you in Warzone?

There are 12 confirmed destinations in Verdansk, though the final location has yet to be determined. We’d like to give a huge shout out to YouTuber Geeky Pastimes who managed to uncover most of these locations within hours of the update going live.

A map of '80s Verdansk with pins highlighting the areas where any of the red doors will take you

Here are the Warzone red door destinations:

  • Military Base
  • Above Bunker 0
  • North of ATC
  • Salt Mine
  • Lumber
  • Factory
  • Promenade East
  • School
  • Farmland
  • Storage
  • Block 18
  • Junkyard

Red doors aren’t guaranteed to take you to a set location every time. For example, if you take the portal in Summit, you aren’t always going to end up in Farmland. You can land in any of the 12 red door room locations. Going through a red door always brings you to a location containing multiple orange storage boxes containing high level loot. We’ve managed to find specialist tokens, powerful weapons, and a lot of cash in these rooms.

And that’s all there is to know about the red doors in Warzone. We’ll be updating this guide once all of the red doors have been discovered. In the meantime, have you looked at our best loadout drop guide? This is worth taking a closer look at, especially if you’re heading through the red doors as you may find a loadout drop marker. A new Warzone map is coming to the game with the release of the WWII Call of Duty game – read our guide to discover what will happen to ’80s Verdansk.