The best MP5 Warzone setup

Here are the best attachments to use with the MP5 in Warzone

Best Warzone MP5 setup

Want to know the best MP5 Warzone attachments and setup? It’s no surprise that one of the strongest submachine guns in core multiplayer is also one of the best SMGs in Warzone, but only if you know the right way to mod it.

In its base form the MP5 in Warzone boasts great damage per shot, a solid rate of fire, easy to manage vertical recoil, and better than average aim down sight speed and sprintout time. One of the MP5’s weakest qualities is its reload speed however, so you’ll want to manage your reloads carefully when using the MP5.

Our MP5 Warzone setup is all about making this the best weapon to use in those awkward close to mid-range battles. It can hold its own against our best MP7 Warzone build up close, and even challenge our best M13 Warzone build at mid-range. We’ve used attachments like the 5mW Laser to make it as accurate as possible when firing from the hip, and boosted the gun’s effectiveness at mid-range with the Subsonic Integral Suppressor.

Best grip for MP5 in Warzone

Best MP5 Warzone setup

The best MP5 Warzone attachments are:

  • Subsonic Integral Suppressor
  • Merc Foregrip
  • FTAC Collapsible
  • 45 Round Mags
  • 5mW Laser

The FTAC Collapsible and Merc Foregrip are two attachments that provide crucial buffs to your aim down sight speed and recoil management. Besides, the iron sights on the MP5 are so good you really don’t need an optic.

One of the MP5’s most frustating qualities is its slow reload time and small default mag size of just 30. The 45 Round Mags are an essential addition, and while some will want to sub out one attachment for the Sleight of Hand perk, we don’t feel it shortens the reload time enough to justify a slot.

Elsewhere we’ve taken the 5mW Laser as hip fire is very powerful in Warzone, allowing you to barrel around corners at full speed and land the majority of shots in close-quarters fights.

Of course the MP5 can’t handle every situation on its own so you’ll want to pick it up as either part of an Overkill class, or as your second drop. A Warzone assault rifle combo works well with the MP5, so consider our Warzone Kilo 141, Warzone M4A1, and Warzone FAL setups.

For more information on Call of Duty’s battle royale, check out our tier list of the best Warzone guns, our guide to the best Warzone loadouts. Also, if you’re after a long-range weapon to pair this with the you should check out our HDR Warzone setup. Now go out there and GET SOME.

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