Best SMG Warzone: the top SMGs in Caldera

Get up close and personal using the best SMGs in Warzone Caldera and utilise these lightweight meta weapons to bring the fight to the enemy

A solider covered in camouflaged clothes firing one of the best SMGs in Warzone Pacific at a female solider

Looking for the best SMGs in Warzone? Now that the titular map is the only level playable in Warzone Caldera, you’re going to want to equip yourself with an SMG right away. Compared to Verdansk’s large open spaces spread throughout the map, Caldera is much tighter overall, packing each area with unique points of interest to keep things interesting. As a result, long-range battles aren’t as prevalent, causing weapons types like the best AR in Warzone and SMGs to dominate the meta.

You might be looking for the best Warzone 2 SMG, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. If you’re still trying to pick off enemies from a distance using the best snipers, you need to have a reliable secondary weapon like the best SMGs in Warzone to immediately blast any flankers away. Don’t forget to check out our best Warzone loadouts guide to see which attachments you need to build these game-breaking setups.

Best SMGs in Call of Duty Warzone

Here are the best SMGs in Call of Duty Warzone:

  • Armaguerra 43
  • H4 Blixen
  • Marco 5
  • Sten
  • CX-9
  • UGR
  • Bullfrog
  • Welgun
  • Owen Gun
  • Type 100
  • OTs 9
  • PPSh-41
  • Milano 821
  • RA 225
  • MP40
  • Mac-10
  • MP5
  • M1912
  • LAPA
  • LC10

The Armaguerra 43 SMG in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific's preview menu

Armaguerra 43

The Armaguerra 43 is an extremely powerful SMG for 1v1 situations thanks to its incredible rate of fire, but this does mean you’ll be burning through magazines. With each standard clip featuring just 34 bullets, you only have enough shots to take down just two enemies before you’re forced to reload. As long as you avoid being overwhelmed in combat, the best Armaguerra 43 loadout is a great option in solos and duos.

H4 Blixen

Introduced in Season 3 Reloaded, the H4 Blixen has set itself apart from the rest of the SMG competition with its raw power. The stock version of the H4 Blixen packs a heavy punch, and you can take this further with the best H4 Blixen loadout to tame the weapon’s recoil. While this SMG isn’t as powerful as it used to be, it’s still undeniably a great option in Warzone.

Marco 5

The Marco 5 has taken Warzone Caldera by storm with its amazing mobility stats and deadly rate of fire. The only other SMG that comes close to the Marco’s pick rate and kill-death ratio is the H4 Blixen. Use the best Marco loadout to try out our akimbo build, giving you the tools you need to rip through multiple enemies in an instant.


The Sten has come a long way since Caldera was first introduced to the game. This weapon was largely ignored for months on end, but the devs tried to give it small upgrades over the past few seasons. The Sten has established itself as an excellent SMG that is worth picking if you’ve unlocked all of the attachments for it.

The CX9 with five attachments displayed in Call of Duty Warzone's weapons preview menu


This SMG has been buffed to improve its damage output and sprint-to-fire speed, making it a great option as a secondary weapon. Give our best CX9 loadout a read to find out the best attachments to pair with this gun.


SMGs from Black Ops Cold War used to dominate Warzone back in the day, and the recently released UGR highlights what made these weapons so special. The best UGR loadout is capable of dominating at medium range thanks to its incredible accuracy stats. You need to be careful about running out of bullets with the UGR as it doesn’t stock huge magazines – you should pick this weapon if you’re confident in your ability to land headshots. If you want to try something new, the UGR is your best bet.


If you want a gun that features almost as many bullets as an LMG, you won’t find anything better than the Bullfrog. For months, the Bullfrog has been ignored by the community as it received a number of nerfs alongside most of the Cold War SMGs. The final Warzone update has improved the SMG’s damage output slightly which may encourage players to try it out again. Our best Bullfrog loadout features large magazines capable of holding 65 bullets in each clip, and we’ve increased the damage range on this SMG to allow this weapon to dominate at short to medium distances.

The Welgun in Call of Duty Vanguard's preview menu


The best Welgun loadout makes use of attachments that drastically increase the weapon’s rate of fire and overall damage output. The result is an SMG with one of the best time-to-kill speeds in the entire game.

Owen Gun

This is technically the fastest killing SMG in Warzone. That obviously ranks it very highly on this list, but it does have a major drawback – as it’s a top-mounted SMG the magazine takes up a lot of your screen real estate, making it hard to track targets.

Type 100

If you’re looking for an SMG with great mobility stats, the Type 100 could be the weapon for you. You can slide around corners with ease using this SMG, but be warned, the best Type 100 loadout specialises in close range combat only. The damage drop off when firing the Type 100 from range is really high – avoid shooting from a distance as you won’t be able to significantly hurt your opponent.

OTs 9

The biggest selling point of the best OTs 9 loadout has to be the extremely low recoil, making it easy for accurate players to score numerous headshots within seconds. This weapon isn’t perfect as you have to manage with magazines filled with just 40 bullets – a far cry from the Bullfrog’s whopping 65 round clips. That being said, if you’re looking for a highly accurate SMG, the OTs 9 is a great pick.


This weapon used to dominate at close range due to its incredible fire rate and deadly hip fire accuracy, but it has received a number of nerfs to stop it from being as deadly. The best PPSh-41 loadout is a decent weapon, but we recommend picking some of the higher tier SMGs instead if you can.

The Milano in a small SMG that resembles an Uzi.

Milano 821

Don’t let this weapon’s miniature size fool you, this SMG is dangerous at both close and long range. Our close range build works perfectly as a sniper support weapon, and our long-range build can effectively use an Axial Arms 3x scope without having to deal with obscene amounts of recoil. Use our best Milano loadout to try out two different loadouts to match your favourite setups.

RA 225

Warzone’s latest SMG is another high fire-rate monster, capable of wiping out squads using a single magazine. Unlike the higher-rated weapons in this list, the main thing holding back the RA 225 is its recoil pattern which can be difficult to learn right away. Unfortunately, that RA 225’s last nerf may have stopped the RA 225 from being a viable pick. Using our best RA 225 loadout, we can minimise the amount of knockback on the SMG to make it considerably easier to control.


The MP40 is a staple weapon in Warzone Pacific thanks to its consistency across multiple key areas. It may be tempting to equip several long-range attachments to the MP40, but you should focus entirely on close range combat. We highly recommend picking attachments that improve the MP40’s mobility while maintaining its impressive recoil control. Use our best MP40 loadout to get the most out of this weapon.


The Mac-10 is a lethal weapon thanks to its high rate of fire along with the manageable recoil. With the right attachments, you can slap on a large magazine which will ensure you have enough bullets to take down multiple enemies at any given time. Despite going through numerous nerfs since the weapon made its debut in Warzone, the Mac-10 is still undeniably one of the best SMGs in the game. Give our best Mac-10 loadout a read to discover how to customise this powerful SMG.

The Cold War MP5 in Call of Duty Warzone's preview menu

Cold War MP5

Compared to Modern Warfare’s MP5, Cold War’s MP5 slightly edges out its predecessor by improving on a number of key details. The TTK is higher, as is the ADS speed, and the recoil is easier to control. Again, there isn’t a huge difference between the two weapons, but if you want the competitive edge, the CW MP5 is the obvious pick. Be sure to check out our best MP5 Warzone setup to find the correct attachments for both weapons.


The M1912, also known as the Tommy Gun, can be customised with massive magazines containing 100 bullets in each clip. This can be extremely helpful in Warzone Pacific as you don’t want to be caught reloading in the middle of a fight. If you want the ammo capacity of an LMG without having to commit to a heavy and slow firing weapon, the M1912 definitely fits the bill. Be warned that the M1912 has a fast fire rate – while you have 100 bullets in each clip, they won’t last long if you aren’t careful.


The LC10 was added to the game with the Season 2 Reloaded update, but the SMG had a difficult time against some of the meta weapons in the game. It has since become a staple of the long range meta. The LC10 has established itself as the best close range option for anyone with a sniper rifle in their loadout. Our best LC10 loadout highlights the exact attachments you’ll need to take this SMG to another level.

Those are all of the best SMGs in Warzone. If you want to know what weapons could possibly be better than these SMGs, give our best Warzone guns guide a read to learn more. Go give our Activision Blizzard lawsuit roundup a read to learn about the latest developments.