The best STG 44 loadout in Warzone

If you want to get your hands on the best assault rifle in Warzone, look no further - equip these attachments to get the most out of the STG 44

The STG 44 in front of a black background in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific's preview menu

Want the best STG 44 loadout in Warzone? The arsenal of weapons to choose from keeps growing in this ever popular battle royale game, but the STG 44 remains as one of the best assault rifles thanks to its reliability. While guns from Black Ops Cold War entered Warzone with vastly different stats, the STG is one of the best Call of Duty Vanguard guns too.

So now we’re entering Warzone Pacific Season 4, expect this jack-of-all-trades assault rifle to remain as one of the most popular picks. Since it’s immensely popular in multiplayer, a lot of players have already leveled it up fully too, so it’s a simple task to build the best STG 44 loadout in Warzone thanks to having most of the attachments already. As expected, the gun also features in our best Warzone loadouts guide, so without further adieu, here’s our pick for the best STG 44 loadout.


The best Call of Duty Warzone STG 44 loadout is:

  • Mercury Silencer
  • VDD 760mm 05B
  • 1229/Slate 3.25x Custom
  • VDD 27 Precision
  • M1941 Hand Stop
  • .30 Russian Short 45 Round Mags
  • Lengthened
  • Stippled Grip
  • Vital
  • Fully Loaded

The STG 44 was hit with a few nerfs a couple of seasons ago, but as they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger because the STG 44 is still one of the best assault rifles in Warzone. This loadout will help you maximise the potential of this meta mainstay in the current iteration of the game.

Remember the Agency Suppressor muzzle that was used on 90% of the weapons in Warzone? The Mercury Silencer is the Warzone Pacific equivalent, providing every Vanguard weapon with sound suppression and improved recoil control. This does reduce the weapon’s damage range slightly, but you should still be able to compete at medium range using the STG 44.

The VDD 760mm 05B barrel transforms the STG 44 by trading mobility for improved recoil, accuracy, and damage range. Equipping this barrel makes the shots from the STG 44 feel different – the weapon is much easier to control as you don’t have to deal with as much scope sway. The stock STG 44 doesn’t feel like an inaccurate weapon, but after using this barrel, you won’t want to switch to anything else.

Our loadout improves the STG 44’s damage range, but not enough to comfortably use a 3x scope at all times. As a result, we’ve gone for the 1229/Slate 3.25x Custom which lets you switch between 1.35x and 3.25x magnification on the fly. To improve the gun’s long range capabilities, the VDD 27 Precision stock provides upgrades to the aim down sight speed and horizontal recoil control. There’s a slight hit to the STG 44’s hip fire accuracy and movement speed, but this doesn’t have a large impact on your mobility.

Another staple attachment, the M1941 Hand Stop underbarrel is essential as it reduces the weapon’s hip fire accuracy to bolster its overall accuracy and recoil control. When it comes to picking the right magazine size, the .30 Russian Short 45 Round Mags fit the bill perfectly. These magazines improve the STG 44’s bullet velocity, damage range, bullet penetration, and damage. Unfortunately, it’s not all good news. You do lose some mobility, recoil control, and fire rate stats, but we feel this is a fair tradeoff.

You can’t go wrong by improving the STG 44’s bullet velocity stats, and the Lengthened ammo type does this without introducing any negative effects. The Stippled Grip follows a similar pattern, providing benefits to the weapon’s recoil recovery and initial firing recoil with no downsides to speak of.

Definitely pick the Vital perk, because while it’s not quite as powerful as it once was, it still drastically reduces the time to kill speed on the STG 44. Our final perk is Fully Loaded which grants you additional starting ammo to ensure you get through the match without needing to switch weapons.

And that’s all you need to build the best STG 44 loadout in Warzone. If you’re looking for the perfect secondary weapon to pair this deadly assault rifle with, we highly recommend our PPSh loadout. This SMG destroys enemies at close range, giving you the best of both worlds in a single loadout.