Warzone Season 1 release date, new map, features, and trailers

With a new map, tweaked movement abilities, and the potential for some snow, the new Warzone season has a lot in store for players.

Warzone season 1: a group of soldiers decent on a city.

When is the new Warzone season? There have been many changes to Warzone over the years; new maps drop with semi-regularity and new weapons are released with each new season, but this season of Warzone promises to shake things up quite dramatically. Not only did we get a new playground, but fundamental changes to how the game plays. Exciting stuff.

The battle royale game received a considerable update during season 1, and we have all the information available right now so you can be as prepared as possible for when you jump in. Warzone is set to make a resurgence, and we’re ready. From a new map to new, more responsive movement abilities, here is everything that came with Warzone season 1.

Warzone season 1: a map showing several points of interest.

Warzone season 1 release date and time

The Warzone season 1 release date was Wednesday, December 6, 2023. The Warzone update time was 9AM PT / 2PM ET / 5PM GMT.

With the new season comes new additions to the FPS game. There is a Christmas-themed event and a limited-time mode named ‘Slay Ride Resurgence’, as well as several new and returning elements from previous iterations of the battle royale game.

Not only are there plenty of MW3 gameplay changes being implemented, but Warzone players will get a brand new map to call home, and new gulag variants should you find yourself on the wrong end of a gunfight.

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New Warzone trailer

Before release, we were treated to a slick snapshot of what to expect when Urzikstan drops. The usual Warzone shenanigans were there: vehicle mayhem, close squad tactics, and a bunch of finishing moves. We saw the inside of a concert hall, the new drivable train mowing down cars, and of course, a lot of explosions.

Warzone season 1: a topographical map of a fictional area in the game Warzone.

New Warzone map

Anyone who has dabbled in the Zombies game mode will likely be familiar with the new Warzone map. It’s called Urzikstan and features 11 new major points of interest and a host of interactive features from horizontal ziplines to drivable trains.

Urzikstan is slightly smaller than Al Mazrah – comparable in size to Caldera – so you can expect the action to be fast and frenetic, especially with the new traversal methods. It is a mix of rural and urban landscapes, so you’ll have to change your tactics on the fly, depending on where the circle ends up.

Warzone season 1: a bolt action sniper rifle.

New Warzone weapons

Five new weapons dropped with the Warzone Season 1 update, which runs the gamut from sniper rifles to launchers. The new Warzone weapons are:

  • XRK Stalker: A bolt-action sniper rifle with the potential of a one-hit down. Customize the XRK for short-range snappiness or long-range destruction.
  • RAM-7: Medium-to-close-range assault rifle, the RAM-7 can be customized for a variety of combat scenarios.
  • Stormender: An EMP launcher, best used to take down enemy killstreaks – it does deal minor damage to operators, but this is minimal.
  • HRM-9: A SMG with a high rate of fire and excellent mobility, the HRM-9 will be most deadly in those who like to push the pace in gunfights.
  • TAQ Evolvere: A highly customizable LMG capable of firing 7.62 or 5.56 ammunition. You can go for a slow-firing heavy-hitter, or a more mobile LMG, with more of an assault rifle feel.

Warzone season 1: an infographic showing all the new features coming in Warzone season 1.

New Warzone features

As well as a new map, players will also have to adapt their playstyle to accommodate the new movement abilities and aiming techniques from MW3. Slide canceling is back, which allows players to change height in a gunfight, keep up their speed, and overall set a much higher pace for battles than many will be used to.

Tac-Stance is a method of aiming that sits somewhere between aiming down sights and hip fire. It offers a much quicker reaction speed, and when used with some of the best Warzone guns, can be devastating in close-range firefights.

There are several perk updates, too. Perks like Tempered and Combat Scout make a return, while there are new additions in the form of Shrouded and Irradiated. The new and returning perks are:

  • Irradiated: Move faster and take less damage while in the gas.
  • Tempered: Refill your armor plates to full with two plates instead of three.
  • Combat Scout: Bullets you fire briefly ping an enemy for you and your squad.
  • Resolute: When taking damage from gunfire, this grants a short bonus to movement speed.
  • Shrouded: Drop a smoke grenade when downed.
  • Mountaineer: Reduces fall damages.
  • Stalker: Increased strafe and aim down sight movement speed.
  • Escapist: Increased downed, prone, and crouch speed.
  • Primed: Accuracy and time to aim down sight is improved while jumping.
  • Faculty: Delay triggered explosive while sprinting, warns of nearby enemy equipment, and reduces combat noise.

Quality of life changes

While not necessarily ‘new’ features, Warzone will implement several quality-of-life changes to the game when Season 1 drops, these are:

  • Loot rarity
  • Dedicated ammo slots in inventory
  • Tac map icons
  • Backup pistol while swimming
  • Manual gas mask
  • Contract activation laptop

That’s everything you need to know about Warzone season 1. It’s an exciting time for players to jump back in, or continue their domination of the multiplayer game. If you are just starting, though, we have a best Warzone loadouts guide so you’ll know what to take into the fight.