Looks like Warzone is getting a classic MW2 weapon next season

It seems a vintage weapon from days of CoD past is headed to Warzone

A Call of Duty: Warzone leak has popped up online, giving us a glimpse at what seems to be an incoming weapon from days of CoD past: a shotgun from 2009’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. A clip showcasing an unfinished version of a gun has appeared on Twitter, and it sure looks like MW2’s AA-12 automatic shotgun.

Call of Duty leaker BKToor (via Dexerto) has posted a clip of the gun in action in the battle royale game’s Verdansk stadium (which you can check out below). The user says it’s the “first gameplay” of the weapon, and – despite the fact it’s clearly an early build, with a skin and some details absent – it seems pretty clear from its shape that it’s MW2’s AA-12.

As you can see, there’s a firing sound but no reload audio just yet and its recoil is perhaps a bit more dynamic than it could end up being when it hits the live game – but its power is pretty unmistakable.

The original MW2 version of the weapon wasn’t necessarily the FPS game’s top damage-dealing option, but its strengths lay in being the title’s fully automatic shotgun, meaning a rapid succession of shots could pack a real punch. While we can only see it being fired into the distance in the clip, meaning it’s not clear how much damage it’ll do against foes, it looks like the new version will behave along the same lines.

It’s also not clear if or when the AA-12 might head to Warzone or Modern Warfare based on the clip. The footage itself points to an early build that’s not yet ready for release, but as it’s unclear when it was captured, it’s possible the gun’s development is further along than the footage shows. Perhaps we could see it arrive in the games’ next season, though there’s no sign of a release date for that just yet.

Either way, be sure to keep a lookout for the vintage gun’s arrival in-game. In the meantime, also check out our Call of Duty: Modern Warfare weapons and best Warzone guns guides to stay up-to-date with the best sidearms the multiplayer games have to offer.