The new Warzone Season 4 map looks pretty familiar

The new Warzone map set to launch in Season 4 draws on real-life locations for inspiration and promises a tense showdown between Operators and rogue mercenaries

Fortune’s Keep, the new Call of Duty Warzone map slated to release on June 22 with Season 4, might look like someplace you’ve seen before. It’s not a Call of Duty spin on Hitman levels, though, and while it shares some elements with Rebirth, High Moon says it went the extra mile to create something wholly unique. High Moon wanted to create something new for Warzone Season 4’s take on Resurgence, with the same scale as Rebirth Island and a classic, timeless feel, so they looked to the Mediterranean Sea for inspiration and settled on a “smuggler’s paradise” theme to guide their design.

“Fortune’s Keep is a completely original map inspired by real world locations in the Mediterranean,” High Moon’s creative director Matt Krystek says in new blog post outlining what to expect from the map. “We wanted this map to be timeless and feel like it could be a real location that you could visit. Narratively, there is also some great contrast in having an area that was once used to fight against pirates now taken over by a group of mercs and smugglers.”

Fortune’s Keep, with its sprawling town, winery, and imposing keep, supports 40 player lobbies and is roughly the same size as Rebirth Island, but it’s not just enemy Operators you need to keep an eye on. Rogue mercenaries will occasionally spawn and attempt to make off with some spare gold, eliminating anyone who gets in their way.

It also includes two additional features, the Black Market Supply Run contract and Cash Extraction event. The Black Market Contract pops up after the match is halfway finished and randomly drops a Black Market Buy Station, where you can exchange in-game cash for handy items and weapons. These range from low-end grenades at $500 to five-figure weapons that could help push you to victory.

During the Cash Extraction event, a flashing gold circle will appear on the map, indicating where a gold drop is about to take place. Head there and defeat several waves of violent mercenaries to grab some extra cash – perfect for spending at the Black Market.

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