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Warzone AR - best assault rifles for Urzikstan

With guns from MW2, Warzone, and MW3, there's a lot of choice for the best Warzone AR, so if you're struggling to pick, here's our advice.

What is the best AR in Warzone? Assault Rifles are perhaps the most versatile guns in Warzone, able to fire at a fast rate while also dealing significant damage at almost any range. If you aren’t sure what to have in your loadout, a good assault rifle as your primary is always a safe bet.

With Urzikstan, the new iteration of Warzone, now here, there are more guns to choose from than ever, with existing Warzone guns carried over, plus all-new Warzone and Modern Warfare 3 guns to boot. Each season’s Warzone and MW3 Battle Pass brings new weapons, too, so there will be even more to consider as time passes. Right now though, these are the best Warzone assault rifles to keep an eye out for across the Urzikstan map and add to your loadout before you drop in.

The best Call of Duty Warzone AR

Here are the best Warzone assault rifles:

  • MCW
  • Holger 556
  • MTZ 556
  • Lachmann 556
  • Chimera

A preview of the base MCW, one of the best Warzone ARs, on a black background.


The MCW was one of the first MW3 guns we got to test in the beta, and remains one of the best guns in the game today. In fact, the MCW is such a go-to assault rifle, that we’re recommending it for Warzone as well, as the low recoil and quick aim down sights (ADS) speed from the base weapon alone. Add the attachments from our best MCW loadout though, and you’ve got one of the best guns in the game, period.

  • Rear Grip: RB Claw-PSL Grip
  • Barrel: Second Line Mammoth Heavy
  • Underbarrel: Chewk Angled Grip
  • Muzzle: Casus Brake
  • Optic: MK. 3 Reflector

A preview of the base Holger 556, one of the best Warzone ARs, on a black background.

Holger 556

The Holger 556 has one of the better base damage stats for any of the newer Warzone ARs which, combined with it’s exceptional range, makes it one of the best assault rifles for the scuffles of Warzone. It’s mobility is a little on the low side though, so we concentrated on making it a fast and lightweight gun to carry across Urzikstan when setting up the best Holger 556 loadout below:

  • Muzzle: Colossus Suppressor
  • Barrel: Banner-80 Light Barrel
  • Underbarrel: FTAC MSP-98 Handstop
  • Optic: SZ Mini
  • Stock: RB Addle Assault Stock

A preview of the base Lachmann 556, one of the best Warzone ARs, on a black background.

Lachmann 556

Returning Warzone players may already have the Lachmann 556 ready to go, as one of the best assault rifles of Warzone 2 remains high in the meta for Warzone Urzikstan. To capitalize on the gun’s stability at multiple ranges, improve stability and ADS speed so you’re ready to go from a stealthy distance or in a surprise shoot-out with the best Lachmann 556 loadout:

  • Muzzle: Harbinger D20
  • Barrel: 15.9″ Lachmann Rapp Barrel
  • Ammunition: High-Velocity
  • Optic: Aim OP-V4
  • Magazine: 60-Round Mag

A preview of the base MTZ 556, one of the best Warzone ARs, on a black background.

MTZ 556

The MTZ 556 excels in mobility, making it the perfect assault rifle to carry across the Urzikstan Warzone map at speed. With the best MTZ 556 loadout for Warzone, you’ll want to add to that existing maneuverability and ensure that the assault rifle remains controllable, even with its high rate of fire. Whether darting across the map or caught up in frantic firefight, the MTZ 556 is a solid choice of AR to have by your side.

  • Muzzle: HMRES Mod Suppressor
  • Underbarrel: Bruen Bastion Angled Grip
  • Ammunition: 5.56 NATO High Grain
  • Optic: SZ Mini
  • Stock: EXF Close Quarters Assault Stock

A preview of the base Chimera, one of the best Warzone ARs, on a black background.


The Chimera both looks and acts like an SMG, but it is an AR, honest. In fact, it’s one of the best, particularly as sniper support in Warzone. The best thing about the Chimera is its built in suppressor, so you have an extra slot for a fifth attachment while still keeping under the radar, which is perfect for sneaking up on unsuspecting enemies inside buildings. For how to use that extra slot, take a look at the best Chimera loadout below:

  • Underbarrel: FTAC Ripper 56
  • Rear Grip: D37 Grip
  • Stock: Ravage-10
  • Mag: 45-Round Mag
  • Laser: VLK LZR 7MW

Give these best Warzone assault rifles a try and you’re sure to find one that suits you, but then there’s the question of which other gun to have in your loadout. For a map as large as Urzikstan, we’d always recommend on of the best Warzone sniper rifles, but you could always try one of our favorite Warzone SMGs if you prefer to get down and dirty with close-combat. Either way, the overall best Warzone loadouts will help you choose.