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New Warzone Rebirth Island map, POIs, and best loadout

As the popular Warzone Resurgence map returns, here's each of the new and familiar Rebirth Island POIs you can drop into for chaotic combat.

What is the new Warzone Rebirth Island map? Since the return of Fortune’s Keep in season 2 – and, well, long before, actually – fans of the battle royale have been clamoring for Rebirth Island to also be brought back. Now, our prayers have been answered.

With Warzone Season 3, and MW3 Season 3 with it, Rebirth Island is back in the battle royale game. Like Fortune’s Keep before it, there are some familiar POIs – and some new ones, as well. If you want to check out what’s changed, and whether your favorite POI remains in the beloved Warzone map, we’ve got each of the 11 Rebirth Island POIs.

A top-down view of Warzone map Rebirth Island.

Rebirth Island POIs

Each of the Warzone Rebirth Island POIs will be recognizable to veteran players of the Resurgence map, but time has had an effect on the island, while the current occupying force, the Konni Group, has modified the buildings with modern the latest military equipment.

  • Bioweapons
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Industry
  • Dock
  • Prison
  • Harbor
  • Control Center
  • Headquarters
  • Factory
  • Living Quarters
  • Stronghold

Multiple views of Industry, one of the best POIs in the new Warzone Rebirth Island map.


One of the best places to take a look at the Konni Group’s advances in military technology, Industry is perhaps the most changed POI, following a lick of paint on the outside and a complete overhaul on the inside. Across the two floors, you can take cover behind either crates or terribly expensive tech – we’d probably recommend the latter for effect, though.

Multiple views of Chemical Engineering, one of the best POIs in the new Warzone Rebirth Island map.

Chemical Engineering

Another location to have received a considerable face lift, Chemical Engineering is going to be a popular drop-in destination. Building 7 in particular will be home to some tense fights, thanks to its many floors and hiding places, giving you ample opportunity to sneak up on your foes.

Multiple views of the Prison, one of the best POIs in the new Warzone Rebirth Island map.


Alternatively, you can always take yourself to the best vantage point on the map – the prison water tower. The huge, rusty structure doesn’t give much room for escape if enemies are here with you – save for parachuting off the edge – but a choice of ascender or ladder to climb to the top might give you the edge later in the game, allowing you to take someone by surprise.

The best SOA Subverter attachments for the best Warzone Rebirth Island loadout.

Best Rebirth Island loadout

Rebirth Island is a relatively small map, and the busy POIs mostly set the scene for fast-paced close combat. That doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to want to make some longer distance shots though, especially from that water tower, so we recommend a long-range battle rifle paired with a powerful SMG.

The best Rebirth Island loadout right now is: 

  • Primary: HRM-9 – SMG
  • Primary: SOA Subverter – Battle rifle
  • Tactical: Smoke grenade
  • Lethal: Semtex
  • Vest: Overkill vest
  • Gloves: Scavenger gloves
  • Boots: Lightweight boots
  • Gear: Mag Holster

It’s not enough to just have these weapons equipped – you need the very best attachments, too. We’ve got the best Warzone SOA Subverter loadout possible, stretching out the damage range to perfectly compliment that SMG. To go with it, you want the best HRM-9 loadout, perfect for fast and close combat.

As you’re getting used to the new Warzone map and its latest POIs, make sure you’re doing everything you can to level up your Warzone battle pass, especially since there are some excellent new weapons to unlock. These new guns are part of the new meta and are among the best Warzone guns, so they’re worth working for.