How to fix Call of Duty Niamey-Logan error – your data is corrupt

If you're logging into Warzone for the new season you might be faced with a terrifying error saying your data is corrupt - but don't worry.

How do you fix the Call of Duty Niamey-Logan error? This intimidating error box might make itself known as you’re logging into Warzone for the new season, but fear not – all is not as lost as it may first appear.

Call of Duty Warzone new season is underway, and the Niamey-Logan error is plaguing players as they attempt to gain access to the game. If you’re worried about losing your best loadout or unlocked material, read on to learn how to fix the Call of Duty data is corrupt error message.

Call of Duty Warzone niamey logan error message

To fix the Call of Duty Niamey-Logan error message, simply click ‘Yes’ on the window that appears. This will not clear your rank or unlocks, despite what the error message says.

The error message reads, “Your data is corrupt or didn’t download properly. You must reset your rank and unlocks to continue”. Fear not though, this is not as accurate as it seems. Sledgehammer Games has tweeted that player progress, ranks, and unlocks will not be lost if you press ‘Yes’ to clear the error message.

The tweet goes on to clarify that some loadouts may be cleared, which is an inconvenience but certainly not as drastic as losing all of your in-game content.

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