Prime Gaming Warzone rewards available during CDL

Prime Gaming rewards for Call of Duty: Warzone, including double XP and calling cards, will be available throughout CDL. Here’s how to claim them

Warzone Prime Gaming rewards are available at CDL

Prime Gaming rewards for Call of Duty: Warzone will be on offer throughout the entirety of the CDL, including double XP bonuses, calling cards, and weapon blueprints. All you need to do is watch the Call of Duty League Championships live on YouTube or the CoD companion app, and you can bag a whole host of freebies and gear. Here’s how.

The CDL Championship weekend runs from August 4 through to August 7, and the more you watch, the more double XP you can earn. Watch for an hour, and you get a 30-minute double XP token. Watch for two hours, you get a 30-minute token for double weapon XP, and so it continues in alternating order – three hours gives you another 30-minute token for general XP, four hours gives you a weapon XP token, and so on, until you reach 16 hours, after which you will have earned all the possible watch time XP rewards.

But there are daily Prime Gaming rewards as well – tune in at specific points throughout the Championship weekend and you can earn emblems, calling cards, and even more XP. Viewers on Thursday can claim the Camper calling card (there’s no shame in it; it’s a valid tactic) as well as general XP and weapon tokens. Friday gives you the First Blooded calling card, for when you pop that unlucky swine who never even got to pick up a gun, while Saturday gives you a new weapon charm in the shape of a pink, Homer Simpson-esque doughnut, as well as an accompanying sprinkles-style weapon blueprint. There are also some more XP rewards, with the full list of tokens available at CDL’s event site.

The big prizes, however, arrive on Sunday. Watch for 45 minutes and you get a new CDL-themed weapon blueprint. Stick around for an hour and a half to claim the Down to the Wire operator, and watch for two hours to get a 60-minute double XP token. There is also the chance, as we reported previously, to win one of 50,000 free codes for the Modern Warfare 2 beta. Just remember, in order to claim any of these rewards, you need to sign up with an Activision account, link it to your YouTube account, and then watch CDL on either YouTube, the CoD companion app, or the CDL site itself.

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