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The demo for drug empire sim Cartel Tycoon is available now

First you get the demo, then you get the money, then you get the game

If you fancy yourself a drug kingpin and would like an easy way to prove it, the demo for Cartel Tycoon has just gone live on Steam. Inspired by the narcotics trade of the 1980s, you take your trade from a humble operation to a country-wide network of dealers, all the while monitoring allegiances and settling scores.

From Pathologic 2 and Graveyard Keeper publisher tinyBuild, Cartel Tycoon is the debut project from studio Moose Games. The game takes place in a fictionalised Latin America, placing you in the heart of a cocaine boom that’s spread across the USA and rest of the world. You juggle methods of smuggling your product, whatever the illicit substance that may be, and slowly encroach on other territories to make sure you’re the one people are going to.

Aside from rival kingpins the DEA, CIA, and military all threaten your business. When death inevitably comes knocking, you take over as your trusted rightful successor, continuing the empire to the bitter, bitter end.

See the reveal trailer from the PC gaming show here:

Head to the Steam page if you’d like to know more and give it a shot.

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