Stardew Valley meets Stray in this new cozy life sim RPG

Falcon Development just released Cattails Wildwood Story, a new life sim RPG that blends Stray's cat roleplay with Stardew Valley's cozy features.

Cattails Wildwood Story release

Cattails Wildwood Story is one of my favorite games ever. I backed the project as soon as it went up on Kickstarter and have been enjoying Falcon Development’s sequel since its alpha stage. The indie developer has now fully released Wildwood Story on Steam, allowing new fans to explore the series’ wholesome gameplay. If you love playing as a cat in Stray or have spent countless cozy hours in Stardew Valley, then you should give Cattails a go.

While Cattails Wildwood Story only just launched on Steam, the relaxing game has already racked up exclusively positive reviews. You could say that it has only come out, but its predecessor is similarly well-received with a solid 10/10 rating on Valve’s platform and thousands of overwhelmingly positive reviews. Just two developers make up the indie team itself, an adorable husband and wife duo.

Falcon Development’s game plays a lot like Stardew Valley if it placed you in the shoes, or rather paws, of a cat. You’re able to date other cats in your colony, farm herbs, fight against other colonies, expand your land, get married, mine, and recruit outside cats. If that sounds up your alley, you can grab Cattails Wildwood Story now for 10% off at just $17.99 / £15.07 directly via Steam.

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A few of my favorite features in Wildwood Story have to do with the colony gameplay. Running my own little group of cats on a patch of land that I can customize to my liking, from its grass color to its paths, is good fun. The game’s den system is cool, too, and you can decorate your home from the outside in whether you want sparkly furniture and more rooms or a new shape altogether. Must. Place. Crystals. Everywhere.

Having personally watched this game grow throughout the months myself, it has been an exciting ride seeing it get to the point of its full release. I grew up obsessed with the Warrior Cats book series, the novels that Falcon Development directly drew inspiration from, so it holds a special place in my heart. For what it’s worth, I highly recommend this sim over most others. You can always get a Steam refund if it ends up not being your kind of game.

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