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Red Dead meets Doom in Wild West boomer shooter you can try for free

Chambers is a new Wild West boomer shooter set in an open world, and you can try it out now with a prequel chapter available free on Steam.

Chambers The Outlaw - Cartoon image of a Wild West gunslinger wearing a wide-brimmed hat and a red scarf across their face.

The Wild West is such a fantastic setting, yet it sometimes feels a little underutilized in gaming. Classics such as Gun, the original Red Dead Revolver, and the excellent Call of Juarez paved the way for Rockstar’s masterful Red Dead Redemption 2. Yet new boomer shooter Chambers, from the developer of the surreal Golden Light, blends that western charm with fast-paced classic FPS games like Doom and Quake, and you can try an early taste thanks to a prequel available to play now as a free Steam game.

While Chambers is a much more traditional shooter (at least upon initial appearances) than the surreal survival horror roguelike that was developer Mr Pink’s previous outing, this new FPS game certainly has a distinctive charm to it right from the get-go. Along with a range of guns and other weapons such as dynamite to bring into fights, you can kick enemies to stun them, whip them in towards you lasso-style, and tie them down and bring them with you.

You can even catch bullets in your fingers with a well-timed button press, and along with eating food and drink to keep yourself healthy there’s also the potential to chow down on your own revolver. You’ll also get to towns that let you sell off your unwanted goods, barter for new equipment, upgrade your gear, and unlock new skills. You’ll need them, too; the early human enemies are tough enough, let alone some of the more bizarre creations that begin to appear as you progress, such as giant scorpions made entirely of revolvers.

Chambers The Outlaw - Screenshot of the player riding a horse through an arid desert while holding a revolver. An explosion goes off to their right, while to their left stands a giant scorpion built from revolver parts.

Its low-key presentation is undeniably charming, while little touches like the ability to draw your weapon by looking down at your holster or leap on your horse simply by jumping at it – and then kick down barriers while still mounted – further add to the experience. In just a short while with the new Steam demo, Chambers has very much won my heart, even though I’m definitely not very good at it yet.

While I could go on, it’s worth watching Daniel from developer Mr Pink playing the new demo version, where he attempts what he calls a ‘naked run.’ The idea behind this challenge is that it removes a lot of your skills. With no hat, you can’t pull enemies towards you; with no gloves, you can’t catch bullets; with no boots, you can’t kick.

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It’s a particularly challenging approach, and a fun showcase of the game’s standout style. I’m also always a fan of watching developers play their own game, and this video is no exception. At one point, having captured a rival rustler and dropped him into the player’s inventory, Daniel attempts to enable a cheat to allow him to eat the prisoner, only to express disappointment when it doesn’t work. “That’s a missed opportunity in my opinion,” he laments.

Chambers: The Outlaw is out now on Steam. It’s a free game, acting as the prequel to the full version of Chambers, which is currently listed as “coming soon.” You can jump in and play the demo right away, and add the full game to your wishlist if you’re eager to stay up to date with it.

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