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Chivalry 2 adds two free new maps and arena mode

The classic 'arrow-cam' feature from the original Chivalry also makes its return

A knight in red carries a large brass bell toward a tall-masted ship docked in a medieval harbour.

Medieval gore-’em-up multiplayer game Chivalry 2 has some brand new battlefields today. The free Galencourt Update has arrived, adding two big new maps to stain with the blood of your enemies, as well as a new game mode for more intimate bouts of mayhem.

The major addition in the Galencourt Update is the two big new multiplayer maps, Galencourt and Courtyard. In Galencourt, a team objective map, the Mason forces are laying siege to Galencourt, and the action includes opportunities to seize the walls, blow up the tall ships docked in the harbour, and “then desecrate the relics and the tomb of Feydrid,” developer Torn Banner excitedly explains.

Courtyard is a team deathmatch and free-for-all map that’s more about all-out carnage than semi-organised team objectives. It’s also playable in the newly added Arena mode, which is designed for smaller-scale 3v3 battles – the victor being the first team to win five rounds. In addition to the new Courtyard map, you can also play Arena on Tournament Grounds and Fighting Pits, appropriately enough.

Here’s the trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

There are also around 60 new cosmetic items, as well as new voices for female characters. A new character class, the monk, allows you to rush to the final defence of Feydrid’s tomb in the new Galencourt map.

There are also new carryables, which include a ship’s anchor, as well as some new scoring events for when you murder somone with an object that isn’t normally considered a weapon. We’re eager to find out what the log says the next time we brain an enemy with a flaming chicken.

The full patch notes for the Galencourt update are available on the official Chivalry 2 site. Of course, you can always just pick up a halberd (or a chicken) and dive in to find out for yourself, too.