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Cities Skylines 2 dev explains why traffic acts weirdly on roundabouts

Colossal Order addresses the chaos of Cities Skylines 2 roundabouts, and it turns out the game's drivers just don't care about safety.

Cities Skylines 2 chaotic roundabouts: a bird eye view of a roundabout with a tree in the middle

When it comes to the subjects of roundabouts, it’s a fierce discussion for Cities Skylines 2 players. So much so that one player has gone directly to developer Colossal Order and asked why the chaotic round road landmarks work the way they do, and they’ve been answered.

While Cities Skylines 2 mods are already getting to work changing how the traffic and road systems work in the city building game, they can still be pretty messy in CS2. Turns out the drivers of Cities Skylines 2 can be as dangerous, selfish, and inattentive as people behind the wheel in real life, then.

When asked about the roundabout chaos, Colossal Order replies on X (formerly Twitter): “Vehicles are always looking for ways to increase the traffic flow. If they see an opening in the roundabout they’ll take it, even if it means cutting in front of another vehicle – just like drivers in real life might.”

Cities Skylines 2 chaotic roundabouts: a tweet from Colossal Order

So it turns out it isn’t about doing what’s safest on the road in CS2, but just darting into an opening on a busy roundabout instead. There are already some great Cities Skylines 2 traffic mods that aim to both streamline how traffic is presented to you and how traffic lights work too. Sadly these won’t help you with a roundabout though, as the whole point of one is to not rely on traffic lights.

Luckily Colossal Order has at least been fixing Cities Skylines 2 traffic and garbage issues, especially the driver pathfinding and their tendency to park on the side of the road when parking lots are right there. So maybe roundabouts will get a bit of a tweak, but in the meantime, I’d be extra aware of the chaos they can cause if left unchecked.

Colossal Order is also delaying all Cities Skylines 2 DLC by a few months, as it identifies around 100 bugs in CS2 which it’s going to pivot to fixing before it moves on to premium content.

If you want to get around the roundabout problem as much as possible right now we’ve got everything you need to know about placing and managing Cities Skylines 2 roads, alongside making the most of the expanded Cities Skylines 2 maps too.

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