New Cities Skylines 2 mods fix some of the worst traffic problems

New Cities Skylines 2 mods seriously improve road and traffic management in the Colossal Order sequel, making CS2 better than ever.

Cities Skylines 2 mods: A small section of a big town in Paradox and Colossal Order city building game Cities Skylines 2

New Cities Skylines 2 mods target one of the fussiest and most troubling areas in the Colossal Order and Paradox building sim, helpfully transforming the CS2 traffic and road management system into something much more efficient. If you’ve been frustrated by those chunky white lines that pop up all over your perfectly crafted roads, or baffled at how Cims seem to behave at traffic lights, Cities Skylines 2 mods are here for you.

Cities Skylines 2 mods are undergoing a transformation thanks to a new launcher from Paradox, which makes sharing and creating user-made material a lot easier. We’re still waiting for the launcher to arrive, but in the meantime, the city building game can be seriously improved by the current crop of mods, which you can download and use in Cities Skylines 2 right now. We’ve seen a few hefty traffic issues so far, with Cims making strange U-turns or failing to use additional available lanes. These CS2 mods make roads and cars a lot better.

First up, ‘Traffic Reduction’ by ‘pangliang.’ You’ll no doubt have noticed those thick, white traffic lines on your Cities Skylines 2 roads. Designed to illustrate precisely where cars are traveling, and give you a sense of how Cims are using your roads, they end up becoming an eyesore, and cluttering the road markings and layout signifiers that you actually need to build an efficient system. Traffic Reduction does something very simple – it gets rid of them. Roads are easier on the eye and visually simpler now, so you can lay them down with less hassle.

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‘Traffic Light Improvements’ by ‘slyh’ is more complex. Put simply, it overhauls all traffic lights in Cities Skylines 2 so that they’re using a split-phasing pattern. If you take the example of a four-way intersection, where you have traffic approaching from north, south, east, and west – as well as pedestrian crossings – a split-phasing pattern assigns a movement window or phase to different lanes and traffic types.

In the Cities Skylines 2 base game, pedestrians will often use crossings at will, creating traffic build-up. With the mod, they will wait by the side of the road until an allotted time, and then cross in bulk.

Likewise, in the base game, you might have vehicles approaching from the west that want to turn south, while other vehicles approach from the south wanting to turn east. Often, they will meet in the center of the intersection and block one another’s paths, creating a jam.

Cities Skylines 2 mods: Different traffic systems in city building game Cities Skylines 2

With split phasing, traffic crossing an intersection waits until the intersection is clear, reducing the chances of a blockage. Still experimental, it’s a great mod for solving road problems, especially in bigger cities. You can get both Traffic Reduction and Traffic Light Improvements right here.

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