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All Cities Skylines 2 cheats and console commands

Have a gander at the CS2 cheats when they become available, as well as learn how to enable cheat-like options when creating a brand new city.

Cities Skylines 2 cheats: Cars and a bus drive past some industrial buildings smoking away.

What are the Cities Skylines 2 cheats? Tinkering with games is something that people have done since the early days of the hobby, and city-building games such as the SimCity and Cities Skylines series are no exception. The original Cities Skylines had a handful of cheats in its time, but from the looks of things, Cities Skylines 2 cheats aren’t a thing.

However, that’s not to say there aren’t ways to get effects that could be considered the same as activating Cities Skylines 2 cheats. Management games such as Cities Skylines 2 have lots of complicated mechanics, and you still have to contend with the Cities Skylines 2 traffic problems whenever they arise, but at least it’s easier as you can throw limitless amounts of cash at the problem.

The new game screen has some options that could be considered to be Cities Skylines 2 cheats.

Are there any Cities Skylines 2 cheats?

Technically, in the sense of Cities Skylines 2 cheat codes, none have been found right now. We tried using the same activation code in the Steam launch options to enable the game’s console commands to see if that worked, but this didn’t have the desired effect. However, that doesn’t mean that some former cheat codes aren’t now separate menu options.

When you start a new game, you have some toggleable boxes, including ones to “Unlock All” technology from the start of the game and one to give you “Unlimited Money”. Turning these on will turn off achievements, so use them with caution. These are already two of the four more useful cheats that were part of the original game, but there’s no sign of the cheats giving you unlimited oil, ore, or soil, nor is there any way to change the difficulty.

The developer mode that enables modders and other curious folk to tinker with Cities Skylines 2 cheats.

How to activate Cities Skylines 2 developer mode

For those who like tinkering around with the debug modes in games, here is how you can access Cities Skylines 2 developer mode:

  • Right-click Cities Skylines 2 in your Steam library and click properties.
  • In the General tab, type in “–developerMode” into the launch options (without the quotation marks).
  • Close the general tab, open the game, and start a new game/load your save.
  • Press the TAB key and wait a few seconds for the game to load the developer mode.

We’ll update this guide as soon as we find any evidence of Cities Skylines 2 cheats. Until then, our Cities Skylines 2 guide has everything else that you could possibly need in terms of tips, and we’ll likely see Cities Skylines 2 mods can help with any further cheat enabling.