New Cities Skylines 2 mod stops jaywalking pedestrians causing traffic

Cities Skylines 2 mods are helping to remedy the most troubling issues in Colossal Order’s city builder, including jaywalking pedestrians.

Cities Skylines 2 mods pedestrians: A huge downtown area from Colossal Order and Paradox city building game Cities Skylines 2

Cities Skylines 2 mods are the perfect complement to the big technical fixes arriving right now. While Colossal Order and Paradox resolve some of the CS2 performance problems, and shift from weekly hotfixes to long-term patches, mods for Cities Skylines 2 help to address and balance some of the finer, fussier points of the new city builder. Lately, we’ve seen an influx of pedestrians in Cities Skylines 2, blocking up roads and causing traffic as they insist on ignoring subways and crossing, and jaywalking into the street. Now, a new CS2 mod attempts to fix pedestrian pathfinding, and stop your Cims from causing jams by crossing in unsafe areas.

Cities Skylines 2 mods will keep the city building game alive for years. In the original CS, they transformed everything, renovating each aspect of the economy, traffic management, services, and more to make the whole game even closer to perfect. Now, Cities Skylines 2 is getting the same treatment. The new content creation platform from Paradox hasn’t arrived yet, but you can still use CS2 mods in the meantime. If you’ve been having problems with jaywalking pedestrians – like a lot of people – this one is for you.

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Despite building crosswalks, subway tunnels, and foot bridges, in Cities Skylines 2, you might find that pedestrians insist on jaywalking. In a lot of cases, this leads to a traffic jam – and traffic jams in CS2 are a major problem. ‘Better Pedestrian Pathfinding’ by Terry Hardie can help remedy the problem. Essentially, it changes pedestrian behavior so they’re less likely to cross in unsafe areas.

Instead of wandering into the middle of an interchange, and blocking four lanes of traffic, pedestrians will now cross the street properly in designated areas. Likewise, they will be more inclined to use bridges and subways, avoiding the issue where they gather at the side of the road and eventually spill out in front of cars. We’ll hopefully see further, official fixes for pedestrian behavior in the near future, but in the meantime, you can get Better Pedestrian Pathfinding right here.

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